This Swimsuit Trend Is Underrated, But I Love How It's Subtly Sexy

We’ve officially entered high summer, and while some of us may be itching to start stocking up on fall's must-have items, there are still plenty of beach days and poolside parties ahead of us. Of the many swimwear trends to emerge this season, there’s one, in particular, I can’t stop wearing: halter-top swimsuits.

Subtly sexy, these back-baring styles are typically much less revealing than, let’s say, a thong bikini or loincloth bikini (okay, fine, at least in the case of some styles). Not to mention they allow for tan line–free shoulders, which is always a plus in my book.

Ahead, I rounded up 25 of the cutest halter-top swimsuits I'm currently eyeing, from classic triangle cuts and strappy floss bikinis to sleek one-pieces. Keep scrolling to check them out and, of course, snag a few for yourself before summer’s officially over.


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