I Hate to Be Dramatic, But These 28 Basics are Must-Haves in My Book

Woman takes a mirror selfie in a head scarf, taupe sweater, white jeans, white Longchamp purse and black patent leather shoes.

(Image credit: @sashamei)

Spring-weather is finally starting to peek its little head around the corner (at least in California), which means it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. While the changing of the seasons always puts me in the mood to shop (although…when am I not in the mood to shop?), there’s something special about the fresh-ness and new-ness of spring that gets me particularly excited. First thing’s first: a solid foundation of basics. This season I’m focusing on re-upping some closet staples like straight leg jeans and fitted white tees as well as adding in some trendier pieces a la stripe-y silk shorts and an elegant A-line dress. In keeping with the tone of the season, I tend to stick to soft and neutral hues, I know I’ll get more wear out each piece if I stick to this color palette as well.

To check out my full roundup, take a look below. I’ve sourced 28 must-have basics that will definitely put some *spring* in your step.

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