If You Love Ariana Grande's Viral Cloud Perfume, Try These 8 Next

Whether you're a dedicated Arianator or not, there's no denying that Ariana Grande's fragrance line has claimed a much-deserved spot as one of the top-selling celebrity fragrance brands since the release of her debut scent, Ari by Ariana Grande, in September 2015. Since then, the "Just Look Up" singer has released nine other fragrances, including the viral Cloud perfume that took social media by a storm following her studio album of the same name.

Before becoming a beauty editor, I discovered the perfume through countless YouTube unboxings and reviews from fashion-and-beauty content creators such as Gabi DeMartino. Read on to discover which of this singer's other aesthetically pleasing perfumes (how cute are those bottles?) have captured the hearts of Ariana Grande superfans and fragrance lovers alike.


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Cloud Eau de Parfum by Ariana Grande

If you haven't had the opportunity to get your hands on Ariana Grande's original Cloud and try it for yourself, here's the introduction you need. Like many of the singer's other fragrances, this best-selling perfume was launched following the success of one of her albums. This time around, it was the 2020 album Positions. It's safe to say that the internet went absolutely wild for it, with the perfume continuously selling out for months after its release. This perfume marks Ariana Grande's departure from the super-sweet scents that her brand is associated with. Instead, it's romantically warm and spicy (not unlike the subject matter of her recent studio releases).

Key notes: Lavender blossom, praline, vanilla orchid, musks, and blonde woods

Other Ariana Grande Perfumes You'll Love

Key notes: Lavender blossom, pear, bergamot, coconut, vanilla orchid, and blonde woods 

Take what you know and love about Ariana Grande's original Cloud and amplify it. Cloud 2.0 plays with the familiar and cozy notes of bergamot, adding to the already playful floral and fruity blend offered by its predecessor.

Key notes: Pink grapefruit, rose buds, vanilla orchid, marshmallow, and blonde woods

This is the sweet perfume that started it all, launched in 2015 as Grande ascended to pop-princess status. Ari blessed store shelves with a bright and energetic medley of floral gourmand notes including juicy raspberry, crisp pear, and rose buds against a base of smooth vanilla orchid and sugary marshmallow.

Key notes: Pink freesia, plum, musk, jasmine petals, and vanilla absolute

Now for the most recent launches: Ariana Grande's Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush Eau de Parfums. Beyond its aesthetically pleasing mod packaging (it looks absolutely stunning on a vanity), Mod Vanilla opens with dark plum and musk before shifting into a splash of gourmand, orris, and praline for a scent that as sexy and sophisticated as it is sweet.

Key notes: Passion fruit, Italian bergamot, magnolia, pear, and ambrox

Like Mod Vanilla, this perfume is sure to add a dose of sophistication to your vibe. It balances juicy notes of passion fruit, raspberry, and pear with the unexpected spiciness of pink pepper and a hint of enchanting mixed florals.

Key notes: Quince, fig, lavender blossom, tonka bean, and white musk

Here's a dreamy fragrance that combines a blossoming bouquet of soft florals including lavender and pear blossom with comforting tonka bean, white musk, and smooth sandalwood. No, you're not dreaming! It's really that good.



Key notes: Blackberry, Italian bergamot, frangipani, honeysuckle, and cashmere woods

Are you a fan of Ari by Ariana Grande? Then, you'll love Sweet Like Candy since it too mixes sugary sweet notes like frangipani, pear, marshmallow, and vanilla with sensual cashmere, musk, and crème de cassis.

Key notes: Ambrette, pear, Turkish rose petals, Madagascar vanilla, and cedarwood

Another one of Ariana Grande's best-selling fragrances, God Is a Woman boasts an empowering and charming blend of fruity and musky notes, including Turkish rose, Madagascar vanilla, and cedarwood, that's so good you'll be inspired to run the world as you see fit.

Key notes: Black currant, plum, marshmallow, peony, and sandalwood

If you're in the mood for a fragrance with a little romance, you've landed right where you're meant to be. While this perfume won't magically transport you to the moon, it'll certainly have you feeling bathed in moonlight with captivating notes of rich black currant, peony, and black amber.

Key notes: White pear, raspberry, crème de coconut, macaroon sugar, and velvet musk

If you're as obsessed with this fragrance's iconic bottle as I am, just wait until you hear about the scent it houses. Thank You Next really serves as a combination of the best notes in every one of the aforementioned fragrances, perfectly blending the sweet, the spicy, and the sensual.



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