I'm TikTok Famous for Picking the Best Perfumes—Everyone Loves These 5 Scents


(Image credit: Funmi Monet)

Fragrance TikTok is a part of the internet I will always champion. There are all sorts of perfume lovers, from novices to experts, sharing their love of all things fragrance. That explains why the term fragrance has over a billion views and counting. Yes, a billion. It's a delightful community where everyone is there to learn and find their next beauty buy. 

Now when it comes to experts, there are folks with a wealth of knowledge. In an industry that lacks representation of people of color, Dallas-based Funmi Monet—whose tagline reads: Your Fave Fragrance Auntie— is vital to not only dialogue on social media but the fragrance world as a whole. With over 340,000 followers and 12.2 million likes, it’s safe to say she’s a fragrance guru people trust. Not to mention with the launch of her bold, feminine fragrance Exalté by Funmi Monet, she knows exactly what goes into creating an exceptional scent. So who better to give us the rundown on the five fragrances we need in our olfactory repertoire?

Keep reading to get her POV on fragrances she says are must-haves.

1. Armani My Way Intense

2. Givenchy L'Interdit Rouge

3. Boy Smells Woodphoria

4. Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Fenty

5. Kayali LoveFest Burning Cherry

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