8 Eye Creams That Over-40 Celebs Actually Use

From how to really get rid of dark circles to the free beauty hack that will banish puffiness, I've tried to leave no stone unturned in my quest for how to combat tired-looking eyes once and for all. But while the experts have been more than helpful, my inner beauty junkie is always interested to learn about the products that people genuinely use to care for their under-eyes—particularly celebrities who have access to the very best facialists and skincare products at their fingertips.

I already follow a pretty comprehensive list of over-40 celebrities for their skincare advice (after all, if their skin is glowier than mine with over a decade's worth of extra living, then I'm all ears), so I thought that it made sense to start with them for sourcing the best anti-ageing eye creams.

Keep scrolling for eight celebrities and the eye creams that they swear by to combat the signs of ageing that you might prefer to diminish. (Although all the more power to you if you're letting your fine lines and wrinkles shine loud and proud.)


Victoria Beckham
(Image credit: @VICTORIABECKHAM)

When VB takes to Instagram to declare "This is beyond!!!" about an eye cream, you know it must be good. Beckham's facialist Melanie Grant also took to Instagram to share Victoria's full skincare routine, and it was the same Cosmedix eye cream that made the cut. The serum-like formula is specially made to target fine lines, puffiness and dark circles with an instant brightening effect on the eye area.


Drew Barrymore
(Image credit: @DREWBARRYMORE)

There are plenty of reasons that Drew looks incredible at 44, but there's one thing that she swears by: using an eye cream to combat her dark circles. She told Women's Health about her under-eyes bags, "It looks like instead of being impossibly happy throughout my life, I look more like a ghoul who came from the graveyard!" However, she loves Clinique's oil-free dark-circle corrector. "I’ve tried everything and will continue to find the holy grail for dark circles," Drew said.


Thandie Newton
(Image credit: @THANDIENEWTON)

Thandie Newton is one of the celebrities that I religiously follow for skincare inspiration because, let's be real, her complexion is still amazing at 46. When it comes to eye creams, Newton rates one beauty brand above all others: Clarins. "I like all Clarins products, especially eye creams and lip balms," she revealed on her now-defunct website, Thandie.net.


Jennifer Lopez
(Image credit: @JLO)

Disclaimer: I'm a total J.Lo fan. In fact, I've already documented exactly why Lopez's skin is so damn glowy. In an interview with Hello, Jennifer revealed that she combats the effects of working out on her skin by applying a moisturiser and eye cream every evening. Her weapon of choice comes courtesy of Beverly Hills–based dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer and this caffeine-rich, firming eye cream.


Jennifer Aniston
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Definitely the strangest recommendation of the bunch, it turns out that the eye cream that Jennifer Aniston swears by isn't actually an eye cream at all. According to Hello, the Friends star "applies a generous amount under each eye before bed." And that isn't her only economic eye treat. To deal with puffiness in the morning, she does the free beauty insider trick: ice cubes.


Kerry Washington
(Image credit: @KERRYWASHINGTON)

For taking care of her eyes, Kerry Washington looks out for formulations with plumping hyaluronic acid at their core, and she loves this one from Neutrogena for that very reason: "It has hyaluronic acid in the centre. It's great for under-eyes and laugh lines," Washington told Allure.


Katie Holmes
(Image credit: @KATIEHOLMES212)

As an ambassador for Olay, it's no surprise that 40-year-old Katie puts their products down to her radiant complexion. Olay's Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum works by smoothing the contours of the eye area to firm and tone the skin for a brighter, more youthful appearance.


Kate Moss
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Despite telling the Evening Standard that her "daily routine is quite simple," Kate Moss certainly has a few costly skincare products that she swears by for maintaining her supermodel glow. Japanese skincare brand Decorté is at the top of her list. She has sung the praises of its £950 moisturiser previously and its eye cream, which contains the same high-performance active ingredients to plump the skin, lock-in moisture and combat puffiness.

Next up, the cult moisturisers that Meghan Markle, Rosie HW and VB actually use.

Mica Ricketts