The Best Shoes to Pack on Vacation (and the Ones to Avoid)

There's a time and a place for a pair of foot-baring sandals, and sadly, a trip to the big city isn't it. While it can be tempting to pack your current favorite pairs of shoes for any trip, they're not always going to be the best pairs to serve you, depending on your destination. And there's nothing worse than being held back by your footwear while traveling. To help you out when packing for your summer travels, we compiled the best and worst options for three common general trip types. Keep scrolling to see what they are, and shop our favorite pairs to pack!

A beach trip is the perfect opportunity to bust out your favorite sandals, both casual and fancy (for potential evenings out). Avoid anything covered-up or bulky while inhabiting tropical destinations.

For city trips, you'll want stylish shoes that are comfortable enough to walk long distances in—enter the sneakers, loafers, ballet flats, and block heels. Sadly, we advise leaving the ever-popular slides and mules at home. They can be tricky to keep on your foot when running to catch a cab, for example. And when it comes to open sandals, they leave most of your foot exposed, which is less than appealing when it comes to pounding the pavement of grimy city streets.

Whether you're whitewater rafting, hiking, or mountain biking, it's essential that you're equipped with the footwear to protect you. But that doesn't mean your shoes can't be stylish, of course! While outdoor shoes can get pretty specific, we've compiled a few common types. Additionally, we recommend a pair of flat ankle boots for days and nights spent off the trail, as they're still appropriate for your surroundings.

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Opening Image: @chiaraferragni

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