Jennifer Lawrence Just Wore My Favorite Leggings Because She Gets It

Jennifer Lawrence is a superstar and she can wear whatever leggings she wants. Given her level of influence, she need only ask and she shall receive, so the fact that she just chose to wear my personal favorite leggings to a Pilates class in NYC is telling. I've tried many leggings over the years, but the very best that I've found were released last year and became an instant best seller: Alo's Lounge Leggings. Don't let the name deceive you—these leggings are workout-approved too. They're made of the softest fabric ever and feature a high waist and leg-lengthening seams. There's a touch of compression, but it doesn't effect the comfort level in the least. It's also telling that Alo is constantly selling out of this style, and it keeps adding more and more color options, likely due to the popularity. (Lawrence chose the dark gray color, which was my first purchase of the style as well.) I now own three pairs of these dream leggings and counting, and I'm not surprised to see that Lawrence is on board too. I always new she chose what she wears wisely.

Keep scrolling to which jacket and sneakers she wore with her Alo Lounge Leggings and shop the covetable style for yourself.


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On Jennifer Lawrence: Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses ($365); Alo High-Waist Lounge Leggings ($98); P448 Soho Sock Sneakers ($290)

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