Everyone Always Asks Me If Beauty Pie Is Worth It—These Are My Honest Thoughts

With so many beauty brands on the market now (and many new beauty products launching every month) we've never had so much choice on where to shop for our skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrance. So when Beauty Pie launched back in 2017 and disrupted the beauty industry with it's beauty members club model, I had several friends ask me: "Is Beauty Pie worth it?" and "How does it work?" If you've landed here, you're probably wondering the same before investing in a membership. So, I'm sharing my honest thoughts on whether a Beauty Pie membership is worth it and the products I truly think are worth trying if you decide to go for it. Scroll ahead for everything you need to know.

What Is Beauty Pie and How Does It Work?

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Founded by beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore (who is behind iconic beauty brands such as Soap & Glory, Bliss and FitFlop), she saw an opportunity to bring beauty products direct from the factories and labs—that make many of your luxury products you already own and love—but without the markups that traditional beauty brands layer into the final price of their products.

For example, a typical moisturiser might cost £15 to make, but once a brand has paid for advertising, their celebrity ambassador, the cost of luxury (and often unrecyclable) packaging and retailer overheads, that same moisturiser price tag can easily end up being £100 once it hits the shelves. A Beauty Pie membership cuts out these middle-men, so you basically pay the factory price for expertly formulated products. It's pretty genius.

To access the cheaper prices, you'll need to buy a monthly or annual membership. It's not a beauty box subscription, so you can choose exactly the products you want and buy as much or as little as you like. Think of it as a Costco for beauty, allowing you to enjoy products at a more affordable price point.

On each product, you'll see the 'Typical Price' versus the member price, so you get an idea of the calibre of the product. You'll also see Beauty Pie listing the country that each product is made as they work with many incredible labs across the world. For instance, the best skincare formulations often come from Switzerland and Japan, whereas the best makeup formulas are typically Italian-made.

The Memberships

You can choose between two memberships, Annual and Monthly.

Annual: Costs £59 per year (averaging about £5 per month)

Monthly: Costs £10 per month

At the moment you can access a two month free trial which allows you to get a feel for the products before committing to an annual membership.

You can also buy the products if you're not a member at the typical price, if you do just want to try something as a one-off.

Is Beauty Pie Worth It?

Having tried Beauty Pie's membership and several of its skincare, makeup, hair care, body care and fragrance products, I can whole-heartedly say yes, it's so worth it if you're a beauty lover who likes premium products without the matching price tag.

The formulations are amazing and are at very competitive price point, so you can easily claw back the cost of the membership through the amount you'll be saving from buying the discounted rates through Beauty Pie. If you're very loyal to other brands, or like to try lots of different brands, however you'll maybe want to consider if the additional cost of the membership on top is worth it.

If you're unsure, I'd recommend going for the free trial anyway and get a feel for the products. My personal favourite category to shop from Beauty Pie is the skincare. The formulas are so brilliant that many of the serums have replaced some of my favourite products I've tried in my job as a beauty journalist.

The Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of the best hydrating and plumping serums I've tried (I've now finished my fourth bottle) and the Superdose Vitamin C serum rivals one industry favourite that is six times the price tag. I would buy a membership purely to access the skincare at Beauty Pie's price points.

On the makeup front, Beauty Pie often do great industry collaborations with makeup greats such as Pati Dubroff, Sam Chapman and James Molloy, and the eyeshadow sticks and undereye correctors are some of the best around I've tried. I'm also a huge fan of Beauty Pie's candles (you have to try Clean House) which have the most amazing throw to fill a home with scent and come in many expensive-smelling scents.

If you're thinking of getting a membership or want to know which products are worth trying, scroll ahead for the best Beauty Pie products I buy with my membership and that I'd genuinely recommend to anyone.

Shop My Beauty Pie Favourites:

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