I Tried Beauty Pie's LED Mask for Two Months—These Are My Honest Thoughts

One question I'm often asked as a beauty editor is" "What are the best LED masks?". LED is having a moment as the buzzy light treatment that your skin can benefit from without having to visit a clinic thanks to the rise at-home LED masks. Having tried a £1,440 LED face mask to experiencing the treatment in-clinic, I've tried a fair few LED masks in my tenure, and consider myself to be something of an expert on them.

But one that has caught my attention more recently is Beauty Pie's C-Wave Light Dual Light LED Treatment Mask (£120 for members, £250 for non-members). At the time of writing, Google searches are up 1,350% for Beauty Pie's LED Mask. And I'm not surprised—the first two drops of this mask sold out within hours, and with another new drop coming on 8 July, it's bound to sell out fast again.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a factory sample of the newly formulated mask (which is now available in the UK, and now the US too) and I put it to the test for two months. Scroll ahead for my honest review, as well as those all-important before and after pictures.

Beauty Pie C-Wave Light Dual LED Treatment Mask Review

Reviewing the Beauty Pie LED Mask

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At a Glance

- Affordable compared to most LED masks
- Features both red light (630nm) and near infrared light (830nm)
- Reduces wrinkles, firms, brightens, reduces redness and pigmentation
- The one ten minute treatment setting is easy to fit into routine
- Easy to use
- Flexible mask moulds to face
- Adjustable straps
- Inbuilt goggles included
- Easy to clean
- Lightweight and easy to travel with, drawstring bag included

- Velcro straps included could provide a more secure fit when sat upright
- Just one treatment mode (red light and near infrared)
- Goggles can leave temporary indents on the skin after use and are sometimes uncomfortable

Customer Review: "Great piece of kit. I’ve been using it roughly 4 or 5 times a week and after a few months I’ve started to see a real improvement in my skin tone and texture. My tone is more even, there’s a reduction in redness on my cheeks and round my nose. I’m very happy with it so far."

How I Tested the LED Mask

I've been using the Beauty Pie LED Mask 3-5 times per week for the past 8 weeks on bare skin each evening. Beauty Pie sent me a factory sample of its newly "global" LED mask which is now available in the UK and now the US from 8 July. Previously, the mask was only available in the UK but it has now been re-launched to meet regulations both in the UK and the US, but with the same technology. The waitlist is for purchase is now open.

The LED Mask Features

Beauty Pie LED Mask

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The LED Light: As mentioned, this LED mask has been re-launched to meet both UK and US regulations. The mask has virtually the same technology as the two previous drops of the LED mask, including both red and near infrared wavelengths. It features 630nm (nanometers) of red light, and 830nm of near infrared light, delivered by 58 lights on the inside of the mask. These wavelengths have been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin in clinical studies, which in turn help to plump out wrinkles and firm the skin. These wavelengths also help to address skin pigmentation and redness.

The Mask: Made of silicone, this mask is flexible to fit to the contours of your face, and features holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. It also has removable goggles that insert into the slots of the mask to protect your eyes. The mask is connected to the controller via a USB cable. The mask is flat when not in use, making it very streamlined if you want to pack it in a suitcase—it's also very lightweight and easy to clean.

Beauty Pie LED mask review

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The Straps: Unlike the original edition, which has a wide strap that fits around the back of the head and secures in two places on either side of the mask, this one features two thinner velcro straps that secure in one place on either side of the mask.

The Treatment Settings: The device features one treatment setting (which delivers both red and near infrared light) which you activate by pressing a holding the button to turn on the LED mask. Each treatment lasts for 10 minutes, and the device turns off automatically after each treatment.

Charging: After a fully charge, the LED mask would last me around six 10 minute treatments, so I only had to charge it once a week. A full charge takes around two to three hours.

Before Using the Beauty Pie LED Mask

Before using the Beauty Pie LED Mask

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Before using the Beauty Pie LED mask, I was experiencing some hormonal acne, acne scarring and some redness from rosacea.

After Two Months of Using the Beauty Pie LED Mask

After using the Beauty Pie LED Mask for two months

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After two months of use, I can see a visible improvement in my skin's redness, my acne scarring has improved and my skin looks glowier than before treatment.

My Review

Wearing the Beauty Pie LED Mask

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Having tested the Beauty Pie LED Mask for two months now, I have a lot of thoughts about it.

The Results: First, and most importantly, the results: I noticed a subtle difference in the first weeks of using it, but looking back at my before and after pictures, I can see how much my skin has gradually improved over two months. My rosacea-induced redness and breakouts are less inflamed and red, and it has helped speed up the fading of stubborn acne scarring. My skin possesses a glow that it didn't before, the texture looks smoother and my complexion looks less dull overall. I think I can see a slight difference in the plumpness of my skin too.

During testing, I spent some time abroad in the sun, and while my nose and forehead go quite freckly at the slightest ray of sunshine even with the most diligent application of SPF, I do think using this LED mask regularly has helped to reduce the pigmentation from the sun exposure. My skin has had less breakouts and seems calmer generally, so I can tout the healing effects of the near infrared light. In fact, after having a itchy reaction to a body lotion on my chest, I used the mask on it and I could see a visible improvement in the redness after just 10 minutes.

Using the Beauty Pie LED Mask

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The Red and Near Infrared Light: The level of red light (630nm) and near infrared light (830nm) are also strong enough to make a visible difference on the skin, so you can trust that this is a good quality LED mask. You do need to use the mask on clean skin and ideally without any skincare to reap the full benefits, so I found myself using this in the evenings after cleansing and before applying skincare, or first thing in the morning. These are the only light wavelengths in this mask, and they are combined into one treatment mode.

Treatment Time: I like that the treatment only takes 10 minutes, which feels manageable to slot into your routine most days of the week. I found it really relaxing, actually, and made it part of my bedtime routine while I read a chapter of a book. Sure, I got some weird looks from my partner and my dog while wearing it, but the results are worth it.

The fit of the Beauty Pe LED mask from the side

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The Fit: I have a fairly small head, so I have to admit that I find it hard to get a secure fit with the two velcro straps included. They are adjustable but a little fiddly to get a snug fit and I found the mask slipping if I were walking around or sitting upright. My workaround was wearing my hair in a low bun to prop up the straps over it so it wouldn't slip down. It's certainly not a deal-breaker for me, but worth knowing if you do want an LED mask that easily stays in place while you're walking around. The flexible silicone mask easily bends to the contours of the face, however, the one-size-fits-all shape means that it might not sit as snug to the skin in all areas—for me there was some gaping around my forehead. That being said, I still saw results in this area so it's likely not impacting my results too much.

Comfort: A few reviewers mentioned that the inbuilt/removable goggles are uncomfortable. I personally didn't find this but found that if I wore the mask too tight, they would leave temporary indents around my eyes. However as I used mainly at night and the indents disappeared rather quickly, I wouldn't say this is a set back. Otherwise, it's very comfortable to use. You can see easily out of the eye sockets, breath through the nose and even drink through the mouth section.

The Verdict: Is the Beauty Pie LED Mask Worth It?

Holding the beauty pie LED mask

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Rating: 8.5/10

The Verdict: Overall, I think this is a brilliant LED mask for the price. With many masks around costing anywhere between £300-£1k+, the £120 price tag of this mask is very reasonable. I can see a visible difference in my skin from the red light and near infrared light, and I like that the mask is really easy to use—just press a button, sit back and relax for ten minutes. I do wish that the velcro straps could provide a more secure hold, but it's something I can definitely overlook for the price point and the results. If you're looking for an affordable yet effective mask that helps to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and redness, I'd highly recommend getting your hands on one.

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