My WFH Desk Is Nothing Without These 4 Beauty Products Handy

beauty products to keep at your desk



When I used to work at our office, I was never overly concerned with the appearance of my desk (even though my boss sat behind me—oops). But now that I've set up an office space at home, I've become preoccupied with making it a welcoming, non-stressful, and efficient place to get work done. Enter: a handful of skincare products that keep me happy and motivated.

That said, I am not too proud to admit that sometimes I use some of these beauty products as a procrastination tactic while I'm working. But if you're going to lose focus for a second, it doesn't hurt to get the added benefits of moisturized, dewy skin and lips. Scroll down to shop my favorite deskside skincare products.

1. Hand Cream

Everyone is washing their hands more than ever, so I know there are a lot of chapped hands out there begging for some moisture. I always go with fragrance-free formulas like this effective one by Nécessaire. I have sensitive skin and this has never irritated it. 

You had me at "industrial strength." Sometimes you need to bring in the heavy-hitters like this formula by Jack Black. 

Anything Chanel does, it does well—and that extends to hand cream. This rich formula is incredibly moisturizing and a real luxury to use. 

Shea butter is practically a miracle-worker for dry hands, so it's no wonder why so many brands incorporate this ingredient. 

I never thought I'd want to match my candles to my hand cream, but here we are. This cream has "a woody and aromatic fragrance that opens with notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper and juniper berries," per the product description. 

This soothing cream is formulated with organic orange, lavandin, eucalyptus, and essences derived from plants and flowers. 

2. Face Mist

I'm slightly addicted to Caudalie's grape water mist that feels so light, refreshing, and moisturizing. I've finally achieved peak dewiness since discovering this product. 

I recently tried Rael's Antioxidant Serum ($38) and absolutely loved the feel and brightening results, so I'm excited to try the brand's moisturizing face mist. 

It's true that La Mer is the créme de la créme of skincare. This face mist uses marine botanical extracts to moisturize and wake-up your skin. 

Formulated for normal to oily skin types, this face mist boasts soothing ingredients like peppermint and aloe. 

I recently wrote about my love of Herbivore's new Pinkcloud Rosewater Creamy Jelly Cleanser. I haven't tried this face mist yet, but I absolutely trust the brand and know it will live up to expectations. 

There's a reason why every beauty editor loves Dr. Barbara Sturm products: they work. This formula is packed with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and detoxing lemon, among other good-for-you ingredients. 

3. Hand Sanitizer

I'm obsessed with this packaging because it fits perfectly into my back pocket for dog walks. Plus, Touchland has tons of different lovely-smelling scents to choose from. Never sanitize begrudgingly again. 

This sanitizer has rave reviews on Walmart's website, with customers talking about its amazing smell and moisturizing feel. Sounds like the perfect combo to me. 

Remember to always look for at least 65% alcohol content, per CDC guidelines. (Yes, this one fits the bill!) I love how moisturizing and good-smelling this one is. 

The essential oils in this sanitizer ensure that your hands won't be left dry and irritated. 

I love relying on tried-and-true brands when it comes to hand sanitizers, as opposed to companies that just got in the game recently. 

4. Lip Balm

Moroccan Magic's lip balms are made with USDA-certified organic argan and essential oils. I love this coconut almond scent—it's as pleasant as it is moisturizing. 

I've tried many, many different lip balms and I always come back to EOS. I love that the ingredients are organic, the price is affordable, and most importantly, the formula is highly moisturizing and long-lasting. 

I've probably tried at least 8 different Caudalie products by now, and I've never been disappointed. When it comes to chapped lips, this lip balm gets the job done lickety-split. 

I'm obsessed with this super-thin design, which makes it easy to stash it in your legging pockets when you leave the house. 

Yes, these balms are as effective as they are cute. Vitamin E and lanolin are the star ingredients that make your lips soft and revived.