An Astrologer Just Told Me the Beauty Horoscopes for Every Sign in 2023


With the turn of a new season, we're welcoming a whole new vibe for our spring beauty mood. The vibe in question? It's astrological. That's right—this season, we're looking to the stars to determine the beauty looks and treatments we should try in 2023. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, there is something to be said for the fun and mystery that stars are shrouded in. Our horoscopes are often the talk of the Who What Wear UK office, and without getting too deep (forgive me—I'm a Cancer), they can offer an alternative perspective into who we are and how we choose to present ourselves to the world, and beauty is intrinsically tied to this notion too.

"Your zodiac sign might be playing an important role in the way you should be looking at your beauty routine," says astrologer and Founder of The Manifesting App Dalila Salgueiro. "Even if it sounds hard to believe, our zodiac sign has the ability to determine many aspects of our life—starting from our personality to even determine how we can dress based on our zodiac sign for greater success," she says. "That's why, like all routines, the beauty routine is also marked by the luck and the movements of the planets in our astro chart."

Ready to see what the stars have in store for your beauty outlook in 2023? Ahead, you'll find the beauty predictions for the 12 zodiac signs to help you navigate your hair, nails, skincare and makeup decisions this year. While we can't make mercury in retrograde any easier, we can ensure we look and feel our best during it and in the months ahead.


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Beauty Key: Try a change of look

You Aries are a headstrong bunch, and as a natural trendsetter, people turn to you for inspiration. So if you're feeling a change, why not go for the chop? "You have a daring and adventurous personality who never gives up no matter what happens," says Dalila Salgueiro. "Therefore, 2023 will be a year of transformation and taking initiative in your life."

Have you considered a change of look? A haircut is a great way to hit refresh. "Going for a dramatic change of hair colour or cut will give you that extra dose of confidence to start the new season feeling refreshed and revitalised," she says. "If you feel risky, you can try the Clavicut haircut, which is almost like a bob, but with the majority of the definition around the collarbone," she says. We're turning to fellow Aries, Laura Harrier, for some short hair inspo.


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Beauty Key: Try a hair transformation to get out of your comfort zone

"For Taurus, beauty is given in tranquillity, serenity, patience and persistence. You don't like taking any risks and prefer to find comfort in doing everything your own way as it gives you security and control," says Salgueiro. Like Aries, a new haircut may also be on the cards for you too. "In 2023, I dare you to get out of your comfort zone and experience a new change in your life. You can try the butterfly haircut that is a combination of short and long layers to create shape and definition around the face." We're taking inspiration from fellow Taurus Lizzo for her long face-framing layers.


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Beauty Key: Investing in your smile

"For you, beauty is in that person who talks intelligently, who maintains a youthful spirit, who makes you happy with their mere presence," says Salgueiro. "Your smile, enthusiasm, and your fresh outlook on life make you special and unique." Your sunny disposition means you're smiling a lot. For that reason, Salgueiro recommends investing in dental care and treatments to enhance your teeth and let your smile shine even brighter like fellow Gemini, Zoe Saldaña. Say cheese! 


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Beauty Key: Nurture and comfort

If you're a Cancer like Margot Robbie, you'll know that you love your creature comforts and find solace in retreating into your shell, so Salgueiro says that nurturing and relaxing spa treatments are the best for you. "You are all sensitivity and you see beauty in it," she says. The best treatment for you would be a pampering one or an invigorating facial such as Su-Man´s Ultimate Glow Facial at the Sofitel spa. It will allow you to balance your Qi (aka vital energy that runs throughout our bodies) and unlock your chakras, especially those related to the nostalgic feeling of living in the past," she says. An acupuncture facial is another way to release stagnant energy.


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Beauty Key: Taking care of your mane

Leos like J.Lo and Winnie Harlow take pride in their hair. "You see the beauty in that person who will always be proud and excelling, no matter what," says Salgueiro. "A king or queen at all times, you pay extra attention to all the small details and always being the centre of attention. Therefore, you need to keep your hair in top condition—as a good lion would—by constantly keeping it hydrated and revitalised," she says. Salgueiro recommends booking in for the Hair Botox treatment at the TRYO salon in Marylebone, London, or regular treatments with Living Proof Triple Bond Complex to keep your crowning glory in tip-top condition. 


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Beauty Key: Manicure experimentation

Virgos like Zendaya and Beyoncé are always immaculately presented, from your hair down to your fingertips. "You see the beauty in that analytical, helpful, modest and hardworking person, so the beauty treatment you need to try in 2023 will be the reverse French manicure," says Salgueiro. The nail art sees the traditional French manicure being turned on its head, neutralising the tip of the nail with a neutral polish and applying more vivid colours from the base to the nail bed. Why not experiment with the placement and colours to mix things up? 


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Beauty Key: Scalp balance

"This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. You are all harmony, beauty and you tend to find beauty in someone who knows how to make the best of what they have," says Salgueiro. "Like the scales that symbolise the sign, Libras are concerned with attaining balance and harmony."

For that reason, look to treatments for scalp balance and healthy hair. "When the scalp is in good condition, your hair has a healthy base from which to grow," she says. Make like fellow Libra Bella Hadid and slick your hair mask into a sleek bun for multitasking nourishment and style. 


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Beauty Key: Detoxifying treatments

"You find beauty in passion and intense energy, however, as you tend to hold onto emotions, you might have a tendency to feel bloated, as this is a consequence of the blocked energy and mixed feelings whilst trying to follow your intuition," says Salgueiro. "Therefore, my advice for you will be to book a lymphatic drainage treatment with Flavia Morellato to detoxify the body." We've heard that fellow Scorpio Kendall Jenner is a huge fan of lymphatic drainage massages.


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Beauty Key: Renewing your skin 

"You see the beauty in someone with a sense of humour, who knows how to take everything that happens to him in a cheerful and philosophical way," says Salgueiro. "However, your skin tends to feel dry or lacking of glowing whilst you go through stressful periods of your life," she says. "That’s why I recommend a gentle peeling treatment with Dr. Uliana Gout at her Harley Street clinic to unlock your glow." Fellow Sagittarius Hailey Bieber is leading the way with her ethereal glow. 


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Beauty Key: Releasing facial tension

For you, beauty is represented in someone firm, constant, trustworthy, who will be by your side until the end, helping you and encouraging you," says Salgueiro. "As you tend to store your emotions, you might have harder expression lines on your face," she says. To release tension, dedicate some time in your beauty routine to facial massage, whether it be massaging in your skincare with your fingertips or using a gua sha or facial roller to release stored energy. "This will give you an overall refreshed look to contrast the rigidity of the Capricorn energy," says Salgueiro. Our Capricorn inspo? Florence Pugh and her healthy, glowing complexion. 


Beauty Key: Try a bold chrome manicure

Aquarius are innovative, so it's only natural that you should experiment with a fun manicure. "You're looking for the benefit of the community or the people around you, but you're also imaginative and looking to the future," says Salgueiro. "For you, this is all about taking your manicure to the next level and trying the chrome glazed manicure at Townhouse," she says. "Avoid the milky white shade—even though is very popular at the moment—and look out for bold chrome colours such as blue, purple, yellow and orange, as they will give you more happiness and are aligned to your aura and your air sign placement," says Salgueiro.


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Beauty Key: Try a glamourous blow-dry 

"Tolerant, empathetic, sensitive and intuitive, you will see the beauty in that person willing to listen to you," says Salgueiro. We can always rely on our beloved hairdressers for a sympathetic ear and an instant mood boost—not to mention great hair.

"The best beauty treatment for you will be a hairstyling session with Jack Merrick-Thirlway, creative director at the Neville Hair & Beauty. Merrick-Thirlway styles hair in a beautiful and glamorous way that will make you feel all that Piscean energy straightaway—the best pick-me-up during full-moon days." 


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