The 2018 Version of the Baby Tee Is Here



Remember baby tees from the ’90s—those shrunken-down (and often cropped) versions designed to be worn skintight? Us too. Well, they’re officially back. Cult fashion brand Réalisation just released its OG Baby Tee, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the limited-edition style.

Like with many other ’90s trends of late, we’re pretty excited that baby tees have resurfaced. A contrast to the boxy, oversize tees that have been popular lately, this is a fresh take on the closet staple that we’re ready to embrace. This editor can imagine styling it with everything from tailored high-waisted trousers and sleek ankle boots to a pair cutoff denim shorts to some throwback plaid skater pants and sneakers (à la Kaia Gerber). Here, see images from Réalisation’s OG Baby Tee release and order yours before it sells out.