These Earrings Sold Out in 12 Hours, but They're Finally Back



A great pair of earrings can dress up even the humblest of outfits. Jeans and a tee feel instantly glamorous with the addition of statement earrings. And with the current popularity of sculptural styles, it comes as no surprise that Aurate's circle earrings were an instant hit among fashion It girls and shoppers in the know.

According to the brand, the first time the style hit the site this past November, they were completely sold out within 12 hours—less than an entire day. Now the brand is following up the pretty impressive feat by bringing the style back again. Our editors love that the minimalist look of the earrings guarantees that they won't overpower the rest of what you're wearing, but the sleek style still feels special. And with a price point below $200, the gold-plated earrings will still fit your budget for spring.

Below, you can shop the exact style, plus a few of our other favorite designs from Aurate!