The 10 Biggest Fall Engagement Ring Trends, as Predicted by Jewelry Designers

Choosing an engagement ring is insanely personal in every regard. From taste to budget, the journey of finding the perfect ring is different for everyone. With that said, there are surely tons of you out there who are either currently on the hunt for the perfect style or are simply curating your mood board for when the day finally comes, who have not one clue where to start. Between carats, cuts, settings, and metals, there is a lot to learn about and choose from. As it is with ready-to-wear and other accessories, engagement rings do also go through a trend cycle—certain styles can be "in" one minute and "out" the next. As I said, it's a lot to absorb. 

Here to take off some of the pressure of knowing it all are some of the most talented jewelry designers in the business who are going to fill us in on the most popular engagement styles of fall 2020. Each one provided a trend that they have already seen quickly grow in popularity this year and of course, we shopped the best versions of each to get your wheels turning. From art deco–inspired designs to repurposing heirlooms, the 10 engagement ring trends ahead are sure to get your wheels turning and your jaws dropping. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Octavia Elizabeth; @theclearcut; Courtesy of Jonne Amaya )

Art Deco–Inspired

"The trend is timeless, but definitely a throwback to the Gatsby era. The bonus? The custom-cut baguettes seriously maximize the size of your diamond but don't feel overly whimsical or feminine like diamond halos of the past.”—Octavia Elizabeth

Signet Styles

"The one engagement ring trend I predict for fall 2020 are thicker signet style settings like the below Emerald Signet Ring and Diamond Column Ring. Brides seem to be seeking a thicker band these days. One possible reason I see is with the current COVID pandemic, engagement periods are longer and we're unsure when we will be able to have large wedding celebrations again. So perhaps in preparation for wearing just the engagement ring for a longer period, brides seem to be seeking out thicker bands for their engagement ring."—Grace Lee, designer, Grace Lee


"Two-tone engagement rings are becoming a huge trend for us. Clients have a hard time choosing a metal color for their engagement ring. When you do a two-tone ring, it gives you the flexibility to mix metals throughout the wear of your ring. I recommend a platinum top or diamond setting with a yellow gold band. When you set diamonds in platinum it can make the diamonds pop, and the metal color blends in with the white of your diamond. Having a yellow gold band brings some warmth to your ring. So as trends or your tastes change over time your ring will easily look great with either all yellow gold jewelry, all-white metal jewelry, or a mix. I also love mixing metals in a wedding band stack for some added interest!"—Ashley Zhang, designer, Ashley Zhang


"It's been an interesting few months when it comes to proposals. I think a lot of couples went through a stage of thinking that because of the pandemic, they would not be able to have the engagement party or wedding that they had always hoped for. It seems like the uncertainty of everything has forced people to let go of a lot of the little details and they've been focusing more emotional energy on their rings."

I've worked with a lot of couples wanting a ring that is expressive of their relationship, instead of a simple setting that doesn't tell a story. Not only am I seeing couples wanting bolder, more unique designs, but I'm also seeing couples cherishing what family members have passed down. I think nostalgia has definitely played a big part in why couples are so intrigued by repurposing during this time. It's nostalgia mixed with awareness, and couples, now more than ever, are appreciating the value of repurposing and sustainability. Because of this, I think we'll see a trend of heirloom engagement rings, using family stones."—Jonne Amaya

Black Diamonds

"We are seeing a renewed interest in black diamond engagement rings, which is interesting since we launched in 2011 with these stones in many of our signature styles. Since then we have added more grey diamonds and other gemstones, but it's nice to see black back in favor. I love the way these stones look paired with white diamonds as a compliment, like in a three or five stone ring or even just a solitaire with delicate pave on the band.”—Anna Sheffield

Fancy Cuts and Large Stones

"We have been seeing an increase in requests for fancy cut diamonds. They resonate with our clients who want to reflect their modern and unique individuality. Our Asscher Cosma Ring and Eternal Marquise Ring showcase a single striking fancy cut stone that's classic and timeless."—Kat Kim, designer, KatKim

"Post-COVID, we are seeing a trend for engagement rings with beautiful diamonds in unique bespoke settings. There is a greater importance on the gem and its ability to hold value so that it's not only a symbol of romance and love, but also a solid investment. Couples will go for spectacular shaped diamonds to reflect their personality and style; a curvier pear diamond, elongated ovals, or shield cut. Sometimes sitting asymmetrically. I've seen a rise in the use of atypical materials such as ceramic and I find myself discussing solitaires sitting in very nontraditional style settings, with clients preferring modern silhouettes and edgier designs to tell their story. I don't see this changing anytime soon."—Thelma West

Unexpected Details 

"Today's brides want something that is going to stand the test of time, but also something that feels unique to them, so it's all about personal and unexpected details! I designed my very first bridal jewelry collection with Forevermark, Forevermark x Micaela, with exactly this in mind. Think timeless platinum settings, but with a twist, like a fancy-shaped diamond instead of a more traditional round diamond, or a hidden halo under the diamond basket for extra sparkle, or a bezel-set diamond for a modern twist."—Micaela Erlanger, celebrity and bridal stylist/designer


(Image credit: Forevermark)

Octavia Elizabeth The Margot Ring with a 2.5 carat emerald cut diamond


"I think the next wave is all about comfort! With people working from home more, something more flush and flat to the finger makes it easier to wear your ring throughout the day. Our Selma solitaire is the perfect combination of wow factor but still focused on wearability and comfort."—Jade Lustig, designer, Jade Trau 


"This fall, customizable options are on the rise as we are seeing more brides opt for a classic design, but one that showcases their personal aesthetic—whether that's in the setting, the style or shape of the stone. While these brides value personalization and uniqueness, many are also socially conscious, choosing sustainable purchasing options that have a positive impact on the world. These sentiments are core to our values at Vrai, and we are proud of the virtual customization process we offer, which allows consumers to design their perfect engagement ring with sustainably created diamonds and recycled gold from anywhere in the world."—Mona Sadat Akhavi, CEO, Vrai

Compass Prongs

"This fall, compass prongs are making a comeback! Traditional prongs are at the four corners of a stone, but they tend to make round shapes (like a round, oval, or old European cut diamond) look a bit squared-off at the edges. Compass prongs offer a unique twist on the traditional prongs because of their North-South-East-West (NSEW) orientation. I love this look because it enhances the shape of rounded stones without changing the overall look of your ring. Compass prongs have become so much more popular recently and I cannot wait to see more!"—Olivia Landau, founder and CEO, The Clear Cut

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