Hands Down, These Are the 15 Best Ankle Boots for Wide Feet

This is weird, but my mom swears that when I was born, the first thought she had about me was that I had fat feet. That is not an exaggeration, and she now feels guilty that her first thought didn't drift to the gift of life that was my birth. To this day, my wide feet have remained a curse that has kept me from wearing strappy sandals and thin wedges—both of which can't contain my bricks (my mother's word, not mine).

Consequently, ankle boots have become my best friend. I'm just as likely to wear them in winter with boyfriend jeans as I am in summer with a flirty summer dress. That said, there are ankle boots better suited to my *unique* feet (my word, not my mother's). Boots with a pointed toe are likely to cut off my circulation, while combat boots are a wide foot's dream. Suffer from a similar struggle? I've rounded up the best ankle boots for wide feet below.

I love a chunky black boot that make all feet look evenly wide. 

These booties have a rounded toe, which is perfect for wide feet. 

These shoes point late in the game, leaving enough space for your toes to wiggle freely no matter their width.

A square toe is a wide foot's best friend. 

A little Western splash never hurts. 

Low-cut Western boots are surprisingly flattering and make a wide foot look narrower. 

The cutouts in this boot allow plenty of width wiggle room.

I love boots that show off my ankle like I'm a mid-1600s woman trying to flirt. 

Hiking boots are a great alternative to a sneaker boot.

I'll take anything in snake, thank you. 

These also come in black, if you're interested. 

These boots are very slimming for your feet, and every girl needs a nude boot. 

Gucci knows how to add a little bling to a typical combat boot.

A sock-styled boot will fit for any shape and size.