Fashion People Are Officially Retiring This Ankle-Boot Trend


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Ankle-boot season (or fall—tomayto, tomahto) is upon us, and before you go blindly scrolling forth through the thousands of new ankle-boot arrivals, you might as well get a little expert advice. For that, we consulted Katie Smith, the retail analysis and insights director at Edited, a fashion and retail technology company that's our go-to source for the latest market trends. This time around, we asked Smith to fill us in on the ankle-boot trend that people have stopped buying in 2021, and her answer was clear: faux-fur boots.

Despite appearing on the runways of Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, and Michael Kors, sellouts of faux-fur styles are down by 40%, while new arrivals are up by 90% with leopard-print boots leading the charge. Smith also filled us in on a few styles that are trending for fall. Read on to shop the trends and find out why they'll be everywhere this season.

What's Selling: Statement-Heel Ankle Boots

"Inspired by luxury styles from Miu Miu, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Prozena Schouler, there has been a 24% increase in new arrivals this fall. Sellouts are up 180% too, with pearl heels being the most popular." — Katie Smith

What's Selling: Embellished/Embroidered Ankle Boots

"This trend was a big hit last fall, and retailers have eased off considerably this year, assuming it was over. New arrivals have shrunk 31% so far this season. However, consumers aren't over the trend! They want more of that Gucci-ornate-look footwear. Sellouts have climbed 167%." — Katie Smith

What's Selling: White Ankle Boots

"This trend first hit last November, and this month, retailers have come back stronger than ever before, with a 383% increase in new styles so far this fall compared to last, and sellouts are up 343%. Pedro Garcia white booties have been the best seller so far." — Katie Smith

What's Selling: Lace-Up Ankle Boots

"Victorian-inspired lace-up heeled ankle boots were on the fall runways at Chloé, Temperley London, Versace, and Haider Ackermann. Only 14 styles have arrived online nationwide since July 1, so it's a potential trend that's currently flying under the radar!" — Katie Smith

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Allyson Payer
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