Angelina Jolie Constantly Rotates These 7 Classic Items

Angelina Jolie doesn't need to tell us that she doesn't care about fashion trends for us to know that she probably doesn't care about them. The writing is on the wall. Every time she steps out of the house, she wears some combination of classic pieces, many of which she's worn before. Although much of what Jolie wears is designer, the pieces are so simple and classic that it's fairly easy to copy her outfits.

As far as Jolie's aesthetic goes, you've probably noticed that she wears a lot of neutrals, loose yet tailored silhouettes, and timeless accessories. If you looked at her outfits 30 years from now, you probably wouldn't even be able to name the decade in which she wore them. They're that timeless. 

Even if your aesthetic isn't quite as classic as Jolie's, we're firm believers that anyone can greatly benefit from having some solid basics on hand to wear with your trendier pieces. Jolie sets a great example as to which ones are the most useful, so scroll to see the items she wears on rotation. 

The Classic: Simple Midi Dress

Simple midi dresses in black, white, or tan are an Angelina Jolie staple. Since she's an L.A. dweller, she typically pairs them with flat sandals or loafers.


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On Angelina Jolie: Off-White Black Arrows Mask ($32); Posse Odette Dress; Gabriela Hearst shoes

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The Classic: Khaki Trousers

You won't often see Jolie in jeans. Instead, she typically opts for loose trousers in versatile hues such as khaki.


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On Angelina Jolie: Chloé pants; Dior bag and shoes

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The Classic: Structured Handbag

Jolie is never without a gorgeous structured handbag on her arm. She wears them day and night with outfits both dressy and casual.


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On Angelina Jolie: Everlane shirt and mask; Celine bag; Chloé Lauren Ballet Flats ($495)

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The Classic: Slide Sandals

Jolie has been wearing these nude Salvatore Ferragamo sandals all summer long, and it's easy to see why. The heel height is walkable, and they add even more elegance to whatever she's wearing.


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On Angelina Jolie: Salvatore Ferragamo Clare Leather Mules ($595)

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The Classic: Trench Coat

The number one thing we think of when we picture Jolie's style is a trench coat. She wears this silhouette constantly. For further proof, try googling the phrase "Angelina Jolie trench coat."


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On Angelina Jolie: Dior Trench Coat ($4800); Celine Horizontal Cabas in Textile With Triomphe Embroidery in Black ($2600); Salvatore Ferragamo shoes

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The Classic: Nude Pumps

If Jolie is wearing heels, it's pretty much a given that they'll be nude pumps. The leg-elongating style is as timeless as heels get.


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On Angelina Jolie: Brunello Cucinelli dress; Christian Louboutin shoes

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The Classic: Black Skinny Pants

Forget skinny jeans—when Jolie wears slim pants, they're skinny black trousers, which she often tucks into riding boots.


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On Angelina Jolie: Valentino bag; Tod's Timeless Boots ($1295)

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