I Rarely Shop for Clothes on Amazon, But These 29 Finds Are Changing That

Amazon shopping fashion editor



I'll be honest: When I get the itch to shop for something new to wear, I rarely go to Amazon. My first instinct is instead to open up tabs at retailers like H&M, Mango, and Zara, where I'm pretty much guaranteed to uncover a trove of trendy and affordable thrills that will satisfy my shopping urge at that moment. If I do find myself scrolling through Amazon's fashion section, it's usually because I'm looking to get my more boring purchases out of the way like stocking up on my everyday hair accessories or going for a re-up on the specific ankle socks I like (I said boring, didn't I?).

Recently, though, my cart has been home to some far more exciting potential fashion buys. I'll be skipping my usual haunts for now thanks to the below 29 items that are the proverbial scratch to my current shopping itch. Whether it be the Dickies work pants that are popping up all over Instagram, a new under-$100 It bag, or the sweater-vest I'm texting my sister about, scroll on to see my Amazon shopping list that's fashion editor–approved.

I keep seeing fashion people wearing these old-school work pants on Instagram, and they just so happen to be sitting at Amazon.

When the latest It bag is under $100 and comes in every color and print combination imaginable, you don't hesitate to buy.

The outfits I have planned in my head with this basic-but-trendy skirt are endless…

…Which is why I plan to stock up on multiple colors.

Doesn't this beige knit set look so expensive?

I can see myself wearing this all winter long.

Chunky pearl necklaces are my favorite way to elevate any outfit.

This is the perfect light wash if you ask me.

I don't know what kind of magic is in this dress, but when I saw our editor Indya feature it in her latest haul, I knew I had to try it.

Cable-knits are having a moment this winter, and I want in.

To layer over the above sweater or just a plain T-shirt.

My sister texted me that she just ordered this sweater-vest, and now I'm inclined to do the same.

I've been eyeing these for a hot minute, so I think the time is right.

Commuting back into the office has made me realize that I'm in desperate need of a functional-but-cool work tote.

The topic of our office's latest shopping-related Slack conversation? This lace cami.

When it comes to winter staples, a ribbed turtleneck is pretty much number one.

Because shackets are basically a staple at this point.

Chunky loafers have my heart right now.

The kind of simple bralette I want to wear with the above shirt and a pair of relaxed trousers.

The name cloud dumpling bag just makes me smile.

I reach for these more often than my designer pairs, so it couldn't hurt to stock up.