I Thought Buying These Cheap Accessories Was Random, But I'm So Glad I Did

From basic white T-shirts to trendy bikinis and the under-$40 beauty products worthy of A-list celebs, there are so many things I find myself sourcing from Amazon's endless stream of products. The fact that I can place an order for just about anything and have it land on my doorstep 48 hours later is, to me, a beautiful thing (love you, Amazon Prime). But I have to admit that I don't love scrolling through pages upon pages of seemingly random products to find one worthy of adding to cart—all those pearl hair clips start to look the same at a certain point.

Which is why I feel like I can no longer keep my best accessory purchases a secret. I thought that purchasing the following hair clips, headbands, scarves, and other items was random, but after wearing them so much I realize I'm so glad I ordered them. Ahead, I'm sharing the best fashion accessories on Amazon and showing you how I'm wearing each of these under-$20 finds. Cue the shopping spree.

Shell Anklet
best Amazon jewelry



This little $5 anklet infuses a beachy element to my outfits—whether I'm actually on vacation or not.

Pearl Hair Clips
fashion accessories on Amazon



Pearl clips are probably the prettiest accessory trend to take over this year, and this affordable clip set nails the look.

Mesh Ankle Socks
best socks on Amazon



It's a good thing these socks come in a pack with so many extras since I'm destined to lose at least half of them. I'll be wearing them with everything from oxfords and loafers to strappy sandals.

Yellow Phone Case
phone cases on Amazon



My mirror selfies have never looked so good with this sunny yellow phone case in them. The color instantly makes me happier and never fails to earn me compliments (random for a phone case!). Plus, I never struggle to locate my phone at the bottom of my bag thanks to the rubbery texture.

Silk Scarf

I'm in love with this quirky illustrated print, which looks like something you'd find at a local boutique and not on Amazon.

Velvet Headband
best headbands on Amazon



For days when I just can't deal with my hair, this headband is the easiest solution and pulls my look together in seconds flat.

Cropped Cardigan
best accessories from Amazon



Okay, so technically this is isn't an accessory, but I felt the need to include in nonetheless since it's been one of my most satisfying cheap Amazon buys so far this year.

Acrylic Barrette

If you're looking for cheap hair clips to accessorize with, Frances Luxe is a gold mine of cute options.

Satin Headband

How many headbands are too many to buy from Amazon? Asking for a friend…

Shell Hair Claw

I'm a fan of styling my hair twisted back with one of these clips and leaving two thin strands in the front to frame my face—there's something very '90s/early '00s about the look.

More accessories in my Amazon cart:

Because chain link necklaces are trending hard.

Satin scrunchies somehow feel much more luxurious than cotton ones. I'm opting for one in fall's emerging It color: pistachio.

I wear anklets pretty much year-round, and this one looks like the perfect dainty addition to the outfits I'm planning for fall.

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