I Wasn't Sure About Buying This $19 Amazon Bikini, But I'm So Glad I Did

So something about me: I love Amazon. The fact that I can place an order for anything from coffee filters to T-shirts and have it land on my doorstep 48 hours later is, to me, a beautiful thing. My most recent obsession is a $19 leopard-print bikini from the retailer, but it's tough to know what kind of quality $19 will really get me. Would it fit well or poorly, look great on or gather in weird places? I considered all these things before eventually placing an order for the below swimsuit.

As the headline suggests, I can happily report that I have no buyer's remorse. I packed the bikini for a beach vacation and found myself reaching for it over my other (far more expensive) swimsuits. What surprised me most was the fit—the straps were perfectly thin to minimize my tan lines, and unlike most triangle bikinis that have a halter tie, this one actually closes in the back more like a bra, so the straps lay even, which I much prefer.

Overall, I'm so happy purchased this seemingly random bikini and I highly recommend it to anyone. Ahead, see how I wore it and then shop the suit for yourself, plus more bikinis I have in my Amazon shopping cart.

I always look for swimsuits that are easy to style with the rest of my beach accessories, and this one definitely fits the bill.

Mirror selfie approved.

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