The Brand Behind the Famous Bianca Shirt

Ever heard of the brand Réalisation? If you’re not familiar, prepare yourself for major envy. The exceptionally cool brand was created by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot with the mind-set to represent the best of all of us, of all women. The unique thing about Réalisation is the brand’s desire to create individual pieces rather than collections. So each piece is meant to be a truly special addition to your wardrobe. Which brings us to the Bianca top.

So why is the Bianca top famous? Other than the fact that we’ve spotted it on several It girls, it’s basically a celebrity, in our books—a Who What Wear office obsession, for sure. We had a moment the other day when three of us all realized we had the top screenshotted on our phones. It sounded something like “Wait, is that the Bianca top? Did you order it?” Needless to say, Réalisation’s wonderful designs are certainly covetable and very much approved by us!

Scroll down to see what all the fuss is about, and let us know your thoughts at the end!