I'm an Anti-Trend Person—These Are My Current Wardrobe Staples

Influencer Sylvie Mus 6 Editor-Approved Wardrobe Staples Camel Coat Jeans



While I love to keep my finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends, it's rare that I indulge. Instead, I like to focus on building a wardrobe that I can rely on for many years to come. With that comes a keen interest in key staples that I know I will wear over and over again in everyday outfits and for formal occasions. In essence, the pieces are all classic, comfortable, and relatively simple, and they pack an understated yet cool punch.

One thing I appreciate most about building this type of collection is that the pieces come together to create a capsule wardrobe of sorts, where each item can easily be mixed and matched. Think basic white T-shirts in a variety of styles, polished camel coats, great black dresses, and more. Keep scrolling to check out my breakdown of six stylish staples that I swear by throughout the year.

1. Ballet Flats

Anouk Yve 6 Editor-Approved Wardrobe Staples Scarf Sweater Jeans Ballet Flats



Ah, ballet flats—my trusty companions. The shoe style is a forever classic and can easily be incorporated into just about any outfit.

These black ballet flats have been a popular go-to for many seasons now.

A white pair of flats are always a cool standout.

These black flats are a great option for under $100.

The slight scrunch in this neutral pair gives it a fresh feel.

I am a huge fan of square-toed ballet flats.

2. Black Dress

Abisola Omole 6 Editor-Approved Wardrobe Staples Cut Out Black Midi Dress



I know it's cliché, but I firmly stand behind the idea that there is nothing like a simple black dress. The one-and-done piece will always come in handy for a variety of occasions.

The elegant cutout design makes this dress subtly sexy.

Satin black dresses are great for more elevated events.

A strapless black dress with a flared skirt is the epitome of chic.

This black cable-knit sweaterdress is a great pick for fall and winter looks.

I can see this easy black dress being an everyday favorite.

3. Black Leather Pants

A great pair of black leather pants adds an instant cool factor to any outfit. You can wear the style with everything from a basic tee to a crisp button-down.

 Straight-leg leather pants are super stylish.

This pair of faux-leather pants has the perfect slouch.

4. Basic White T-Shirt

Whether crew-neck, cropped, scoop-neck, or whisper thin, there is no denying that a basic white T-shirt will always be in style.

This cotton tee is a steal at under $10.

The flared sleeves give this tee a modern feel.

Thin tees have always been a personal favorite.

Here's a cool option for those who love a cropped style.

This effortless white T-shirt goes great with jeans.

5. Camel Coat

Sylvie Mus 6 Editor-Approved Wardrobe Staples Camel Coat Jeans Black Mule Heels



Camel coats are a stylish way to elevate any look. Plus, for whatever reason, I can personally attest to the fact that they lead to endless compliments on your outfit.

This double-breasted pick is an instant classic.

A belted coat always looks more expensive.

This fashion-editor favorite looks high-end.

An oversize camel coat is great for layering.

Here's an option for those who want a shorter fit.

6. Crew-Neck Sweater

Emma Hoareau 6 Editor-Approved Wardrobe Staples Black Crewneck Sweater Jeans Ankle Boots



Crew-neck sweaters have been a staple for ages. The knits come in a variety of colors and can be worn alone or layered over tees and button-downs.

A basic black sweater goes with just about everything.

I am a huge fan of charcoal-gray sweaters.

A camel sweater always makes an outfit look more expensive.

How cozy does this ribbed sweater look?

Cream sweaters are a timeless option.