Trust Me: Uniqlo's Basics Are Exceptional—23 Items a Fashion Editor Is Buying RN

Listen—I'll admit that I first started liking Uniqlo because of its partnership with my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer. But that's not the reason I've stayed loyal to the brand for several years. It's because of its classic, chic, high-quality, and well-priced basics. Oh, and it certainly doesn't hurt that Uniqlo has collaborated with the likes of Marni, JW Anderson, Carine Roitfeld, and other fashion heavy hitters. 

Below, I've rounded up my favorite Uniqlo pieces right now, including an excellent pair of trousers, a cute and on-trend pleated miniskirt, an ultra-soft bralette, and a pretty mermaid skirt. The best part? Every single piece on my list caps out at $60. Scroll down to see what a fashion editor is buying from Uniqlo right now. 

This wireless bralette is sumptuously soft and super comfy. 

Denim jackets will always be cool. 

Miniskirts are still going strong, my friends. 

I'm always stocking up on Uniqlo's excellent white tees. 

This parka is perfect for inclement weather. 

This cream-colored jacket is such a versatile and practical buy. 

Don't overlook Uniqlo's great lingerie selection. 

This slinky black skirt is bound to become your new favorite. 

Yep, I'd wear these sweatpants 24/7 if I could. 

Slouchy trousers may be the most popular trend in existence right now. 

Another fantastic denim jacket that's hard to pass up. 

This is a great alternative to a black blazer. 

It's time to protect your skin and become a hat person ASAP.

I'm a sucker for anything satin. 

Get a head start on fall shopping with these plaid pants.