Priyanka Chopra Wore the Shoes I Didn't Think to Wear With Sweats at the Airport

When it comes to airport shoes, I've learned that celebrities are not just like us. Heels, strappy sandals, and complicated boots abound, most likely because the paparazzi are pretty much unavoidable at major airports. Case in point: Priyanka Chopra arrived at LAX yesterday wearing an outfit that looked airport-friendly on top (a tank, oversize denim jacket, and gray sweatpants), but when my eyes went down to her feet, I was surprised to see that she was wearing high-heeled sock boots—especially since they're not particularly easy to get on and off.

Obviously, anyone can wear whatever shoes they want to the airport, but if I'm wearing sweatpants or leggings, I always stick to the comfort theme and wear them with sneakers or at least another type of flat shoes. But then again, I'm not photographed when I go to the airport (well, unless I make my husband take my picture for Instagram). Although I opt for more walkable shoes than Chopra's sock boots when I'm catching a flight, I will say that I've never looked this chic in my sweatpants at LAX. So there's that.

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Priyanka Chopra airport shoes



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