Parisian Girls Know Better Than to Waste Their Time With This Popular Product


When I leave my apartment in New York City, there are a couple of things that I can guarantee. I'll never leave the house without sunscreen on, and if I go anywhere besides a workout class, I've probably blow-dried my hair. In America, it's pretty much a universal fact that blow-dryers are the key to good hair days.

When I went to Paris last fall, I couldn't believe my eyes. Absolutely no one blow-dries their hair. I don't even know how many French girls own hair dryers. French-girl hair is all about sophisticated ease—think taking your natural texture and zhuzhing it just enough to make it look effortless but chic. The end result is relaxed, but it never looks undone or lazy.


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The secret sauce to effortless—but still polished!—French-girl hair? Air-dry cream. Air-dry creams are made to streamline the styling process sans heat, and they are major multitaskers. These creams define your natural texture, add a bit of hold to make your style stay, smooth hair, and aid in frizz and humidity control. 

To use air-dry cream, take a dollop in your palm and rub your hands together. Evenly distribute the product all over your hair, scrunching to define curls or brushing through for a sleeker look.


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If an air-dry cream sounds like the absolute ideal product, that's because it basically is. As someone who hates doing my hair but wants it to look good, air-dry cream has practically become my holy-grail hair product. Keep reading for the best air-dry creams that will have people complimenting your hair with nearly zero effort required. If you're looking for something that's low lift but high reward, you've come to the right place.

The absolute best air-dry creams for flawless, undone-yet-polished hair:


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