6 Ways to Make Your At-Home Blowout Look Like You Just Left Drybar

Hello, my name is Judith Jones, and I’m a Drybar addict. I spend an embarrassing amount of my paycheck on monthly Mai TaisI love the feeling of someone massaging my scalp and shampooing my strands, and I’m hooked with that empowered-new-woman-feeling after I step out of the salon. As a working mom who does not have the time or effort to make my hair look even remotely coiffed for day-to-night activities—it’s unquestionably the easy (and lazy) option for me.

However, this year I’ve made an adamant choice to save some serious pennies, and the easiest way is to get my locks looking up to salon standards is to learn how to master a seriously good blowout myself.

I tapped Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist to stars such as Khloé Kardashian, Olivia Culpo, Chrissy Teigen, and Kerry Washington, for some insider tips and tricks on how to achieve that shiny, bouncy, gorgeous blowout in the comfort of my own home. Scroll below for her tips and the products she recommends. 

Remove moisture with a microfiber towel first.

The biggest mistake you can make when blow-drying their hair at home is starting on soaked hair. Post shower, gently squeeze out moisture with your hands, then wrap hair up in a microfiber towel or turban. Regular cotton towels are too harsh on our hair and can cause breakage when drying. Micro-fiber absorbs water quickly so that you spend less time blowdrying your hair. I love the ones from Kitsch.

Prep with the right products.

Know your hair type and what your hair needs, then prep with products that help. If you have dry hair and split ends, make sure to use a leave-in conditioner and split end serum before styling. I love Tresemmé Repair and Protect 7 leave-in conditioner and Virtue Labs Split End Serum. If your hair gets oily quickly, skip these steps and use a lightweight volume spray like the one from Ouai. If you are going for a super-sleek, smooth blowout, I love Aveda Smooth Serum, and if you’re opting for maximum volume, try Tigi Queen for a Day. If you know your hair gets frizzy or you live in a humid climate, I love ColorWow Dream Coat.


Before you go in with a brush, power dry your hair until it is 80% dry. This will save your arms and hands when styling and ensure you get the best result. Use the GHD Helio Dryer and your hands (which also absorb moisture from the hair). When the hair is almost dry, this is the ideal time to go in with your round or smoothing brush to style.

Use the right brush.

Not all brushes are made for all hair types. Post-wash, remove tangles with The Wet Brush, starting at the ends and working your way up. Hair is especially fragile when wet and more prone to snapping. This brush is specifically designed to remove tangles on wet hair without pulling or causing breakage.

When you go to style, use a boar-bristle round brush if you have fine hair and a ceramic brush if you have coarse hair. If you want the hair to be sleek, place the brush on top of each section of hair. If you want more volume, place the brush under.

Point the blowdryer in the direction of the hair strand.

Keep the nozzle on the blowdryer and only point the blowdryer in the direction of the hair strand. This will keep the cuticle layer of the hair smooth and prevent frizz and flyaways. When your section is completely dry, use the cool shot on the dryer to cool down the hair for added shine and a longer-lasting style.

Make sure hair is 100% dry

If any moisture is left in your hair, it will instantly frizz or fall as soon as you step outside. Dry the hair completely until there is no moisture left, then seal in your style with a lightweight hairspray like Tresemmé Compressed Micro Mist.

Maintenance is key.

Maintenance is key. Sleeping on a silk pillow will ensure your blowout lasts longer and doesn’t crease, frizz, or cause breakage while you sleep. I suggest the Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Pillow because it is specifically designed to prevent wrinkles on your face, keep moisture in your hair, and is super comfortable on your neck. Regular cotton pillowcases actually pull moisture from your hair and skin, which is what causes bedhead in the morning.