I Love a Good Designer Splurge, But These Under-$30 Winter Buys Are *It*

Sometimes, all your outfit needs is a finishing touch, and in the winter, that is most definitely the truth. With all of the layers and of course the colder weather, the final pieces that you pile up on tend to be heaven-sent. If you just spent a ton of money on your winter wardrobe, don't feel like you have to splurge on the little things. I've found plenty of finishing touches at the perfect price point.

Winter is my favorite season for accessories, and many of them happen to be under $30, so expect to see them in this roundup. I'm also still buying into wardrobe staples that are easy to layer up on and wide-leg pants. Below, find the affordable items that will finish out your winter wardrobe.

Having drop earrings pop out of my coat is such a vibe.

I love having a collection of tops with interesting details for casual dinners in the winter.

Everyone needs a pair of earmuffs right now.

I've been waiting for this top to go on sale.

I'm so glad this trend came back.

A good pair of oval sunglasses take you a long way.

Neutral beanies for the win.

I can't believe I found cargo pants under $30.

This will cure all of my bad hair days.

Colored gloves have been all over the runway for a reason.

Like leg warmers, but for your hands.

Just add an oversize sweater.

I'll be wearing this cardigan with my favorite scarf.

I can just tell that these pants are comfortable.

This reminds me of Prada in all the best ways.

Because wearing a rosette is the perfect way to instantly upgrade your outfit.

Colorblocking always does it for me.