I Honestly Can't Understand How These Winter Boots Cost Less Than $100

Winter is arguably the most demanding season in terms of your wardrobe. You need beanies, scarves, socks, gloves, heat tech, coats, sweaters… I could go on forever. The low temperatures and unreliable elements like rain, wind, and snow make navigating these slightly treacherous months while maintaining your style a rather challenging effort—to put it delicately. All this to say, you need to invest in a myriad of closet staples to get through winter comfortably, and though everyone's personal finances are different, it's fair to say that snagging a deal on some of these staples is preferable (and in some cases necessary).

Enter winter boots. Sure, these would qualify as an item worth investing more money in, but would you turn down a budget-friendly pair? I ask because I tracked down 17 pairs that I honestly can't understand how little they cost—under $100, to be precise. From faux fur–embellished iterations to chunky hiker boots, the winter boots below will keep you warm and on trend from now until early next year.