4 Affordable French Brands Every Parisian Loves

Affordable French clothing brands



At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we (and the rest of the fashion-loving population, for that matter) can’t get enough of French-girl style. Blame it on the Parisian It girls and designers we’ve been fawning over since their conception, but French girls simply have this je ne sais quoi about them that we can’t get enough of. Of course, while the idea of fully achieving the effortless aesthetic may be slightly out of reach, these affordable French brands are making it so much easier.

That's not to say that the classic French houses don’t have their time and place, but when you want to know what French girls are actually wearing in their day-to-day lives, these brands have you covered. Plus, they won’t cost you an entire month’s paycheck. The affordable French brands ahead are cool while maintaining that Parisian charm of being both trend-forward and classic. Basically, you’ll look like a true Parisian without trying too hard or spending too much. Keep reading to see the chic (and affordable) French brands your favorite Parisian girls swear by.

1. Maison Cléo

Between the made-to-order pieces and the mother-daughter duo behind the brand, Maison Cléo will feel like your local artisan designer with each piece you buy.

I'm not sure what I love more, the texture of this top or the fact that it comes with a coordinating scrunchie.

French fashion brands



There are so many ways you can wear this dress.

This top is more versatile than you think.

2. Sézane

With jeans that have a history of selling out, Sézane gives you all of the French-girl necessities you could want in your closet.

French fashion brands



There’s a reason these keep selling out.

A wardrobe staple as classic as ever.

Master French-girl style once and for all.

3. Musier

Founded by fashion girl Anne-Laure Mais Moreau, this brand is behind the fitted cardigan you’ve been seeing everywhere (and many other It-girl favorites).



A cardigan is always a good idea.

You'll get so much wear out of this.

4. Rouje

This is another brand founded by one of our favorite It girls, Jeanne Damas. Rouje provides you with all of the cool, chic pieces that will fill your friends with sartorial envy.



This pretty dress comes in so many print options.

The cardigan that's all over Instagram.

Wear these with a pair of boots or heels.

Good luck not getting compliments in this top.

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