The Affordable Boots I Swear By for Running Around NYC From 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Transitioning from living in Los Angeles where getting from point A to point B typically involved getting in my car to New York City where any sort of commute means a lot of walking was interesting, you might say. At first, I was fatigued at the end of every day because I simply hadn't built up the pedestrian stamina, but slowly over time my body and mind adjusted to this new way of life and now I'm pleasantly grateful that I get more steps in than West Coast times past (12 thousand on a good day!).

That all said, I didn't reach this point without a blister or aching foot. Nay, I learned my lesson the hard way; the lesson being that you must wear comfortable shoes because you will be in them all day and potentially all night. A practical, sensible approach to footwear, in other words.

As such, I've built of a collection of boots that not only keep my feet supported but also stylish. Below I've highlighted my top picks and included a handful of outfit ideas to help you build out your boots looks for the months ahead.

Now That You Have Your Boots, Here's Some Outfit Ideas From NYC Girls