I'm a Fashion Writer in NYC—Here's Everything I Just Added to My Closet

Hi, hello! Dispatching to you from New York City, I'm here to share everything I just added to my (teeny-tiny West Village) closet. If you're not familiar with the weather situation that's been going down over here as of late, the temperature has been comically unpredictable. One day it may be 80 degrees, and the next we're talking low 40s. To paraphrase, there's a decent—nay, likely—chance New Yorkers won't experience a real, true fall this year, which, although disappointing, also seems to be a reoccurring theme here. While we watch this confused weather conundrum unfold, why not allow me to open my metaphorical wardrobe doors and show you around?

Over the last couple of months, I've strategically been adding pieces to my closet that are a mix of staples and style-forward separates. My personal vibe is pretty pared down (no zebra prints or cowboy boots over here, unfortunately), so much of what you'll find below, you can likely incorporate into your own wardrobe no matter your personal style, be it adventurous or subdued. Also, I'm a freelance writer, so much of what I invest in has to translate to a gamut of situations—dinners; coffee with clients; the occasional party; and the less glamorous, more frequent scenario: working from the library. Or coffee shop, depending on my mood. Whatever the case, scroll down to see and shop my 24 NYC fashion picks of the moment.

Looking ahead: your essential 2019 shopping list.