I'm a Fashion Writer in NYC—Here's Everything I Just Added to My Closet

Hi, hello! Dispatching to you from New York City, I'm here to share everything I just added to my (teeny-tiny West Village) closet. If you're not familiar with the weather situation that's been going down over here as of late, the temperature has been comically unpredictable. One day it may be 80 degrees, and the next we're talking low 40s. To paraphrase, there's a decent—nay, likely—chance New Yorkers won't experience a real, true fall this year, which, although disappointing, also seems to be a reoccurring theme here. While we watch this confused weather conundrum unfold, why not allow me to open my metaphorical wardrobe doors and show you around?

Over the last couple of months, I've strategically been adding pieces to my closet that are a mix of staples and style-forward separates. My personal vibe is pretty pared down (no zebra prints or cowboy boots over here, unfortunately), so much of what you'll find below, you can likely incorporate into your own wardrobe no matter your personal style, be it adventurous or subdued. Also, I'm a freelance writer, so much of what I invest in has to translate to a gamut of situations—dinners; coffee with clients; the occasional party; and the less glamorous, more frequent scenario: working from the library. Or coffee shop, depending on my mood. Whatever the case, scroll down to see and shop my 24 NYC fashion picks of the moment.

The other day, I wore this jacket while running errands and passed a little boy on the street who was wearing a similar textured teddy coat (his was adorned with bear ears—much cooler), and he promptly smiled and began pointing at me. I like the kind of outerwear that elicits this type of we're twins reaction from children. Also, it's gloriously warm and makes people want to hug you.

Lauren Bucquet, the 10-year veteran design director at Rag & Bone, just launched her own direct-to-consumer footwear label called Labucq. Every piece in the collection is divine, especially these python ankle boots, which I will henceforth be wearing with everything in my wardrobe.

I love women, so, naturally, when I found out that e-comm site Mille curates pieces from all female designers, I quickly became a regular customer. I just discovered this necklace and appreciate how versatile it is while still feeling special—the true mark of an investment-worthy jewelry piece if you ask me.

Winter is coming! Protect your lips from the cold wind with a go-to balm. I just picked this lip conditioner up while at a pharmacy in Paris and am obsessed. Thankfully, Caudalie is available stateside, as well.

I'm a big fan of pretty much everything Nanushka is doing right now and found myself returning to this cute belt bag over and over. I bet you can guess what happened next.

Stutterheim is my favorite brand for raincoats. Versatile colorways, understated silhouettes, and good quality—everything a wet-adverse gal could ever hope for.

I'm really vibing on socks right now (that felt creepy to say out loud…), and I recently discovered this brand via Instagram and fell in love. Also, these florals will help me from becoming grumpy when it's freezing outside—possibly.

I suffer from decision paralysis, so when I learned this new sustainable denim brand The Feel Studio Inc. only offers one pair, I was elated.

I've done ballet from age 5 to (if you count a class at Alvin Ailey this past January) present, so I have a special place in my heart for all things ballerina. Dôen did a beautiful job of interpreting these shoes for everyday wear, and they also come in black!

I normally wear tortoiseshell sunglasses, but a very smart lady working at Krewe steered me in the direction of these beauties, and I have zero regrets. It's hard to tell, but the frames are flush with the lens, creating a subtly cool effect.

No crazy, unique backstory to this purchase, just a gorgeous crewneck sweater I shall wear into the ground.

It's not easy to design a folksy dress without it coming out looking like a character from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but year after year, Sea manages to do it flawlessly. This dress, in particular, has me especially excited because of the enticing cutout in the front and the moody floral print. The perfect autumn dress!

Le Petit Trou Mathilde Triangle Bra ($88) and Brief ($78)

There are few things I love as dearly as a matching lingerie set.

Apparently, this product not only stimulates growth but also nourishes your existing brows with yummy ingredients like sweet almond, rosemary, lavender, and sandalwood oils, which is seriously going to come in handy once winter comes around and my face is subjected to the cruel, harsh winds of New York City.

This has become my second skin; I never take it off, and I never want to.

I usually don't write from home, but if I dom I like to wear the most comfortable clothing in existence, hence this purchase.

Alas, another Instagram brand discovery. I'm starting to think Instagram wants to pillage my checking account.

Another thing about NYC (or just cold-weather locations in general) is that if you have long hair like mine, it tends to get twisted up into knots underneath coats and scarves. I no longer make this mistake, instead tying it up into a braid or bun. This season, I'll be throwing a leather scrunchie in the mix to make it even more fun.

Verde Limon Cupertino Otomi Print Bikini Top ($108) and Briefs ($99)

If you were granted access to my Google search history (you won't be, sorry), you'd find a rather thorough list of vacation destinations for the month of December. I haven't landed on one yet, but now that I have this swimsuit, there is no turning back.

Listen—sometimes it's just nice to feel sexy when you fall asleep!

Plaid blazers are all the rage, didn't you know? This one makes me happy because it's slightly oversize, which elicits a cute French aesthetic.

Richer Poorer Cut Out Bralette ($28) and Femme Boxer ($24)

Also filing this one under things I currently wear at home while reading and or writing.

All aboard the prairie dress trend bandwagon—self included.

It's no coincidence I put these last. I understand these black slacks look rather drum, but hear me out The high waist cinches at the perfect spot on my 5' 5" frame, the silhouette is the ideal width, and the crop comes just above my ankle bones, which looks amazing with flats. In other words, these aren't going to steal the show, but they are the kind of pants you'll find yourself reaching for several days in a row—trust me. Also, $40? Yes, please, thank you very much!

Looking ahead: your essential 2019 shopping list.

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