I'm 24 and Spend a Full Paycheck on Rent—Here's How I Manage to Stay Chic

Since moving here seven years ago, I can confirm one thing: It’s expensive to live in Los Angeles. From the rent prices (so long, paycheck!), workout studios that think everyone in town has $40 to spare for a Pilates class, and the never-ending need for gas (I commute from Santa Monica to West Hollywood every day, enough said), it can be a hard hit on a 24-year-old's salary. And to top it all off, I’m a fashion editor who loves (like, really loves) to shop and is surrounded by well-dressed co-workers who encourage my bad habit. Fortunately, I’m pretty good at scoping out the things that fit within my small budget but also make me feel majorly chic. Curious to see what I'm finding? Keep scrolling for 27 items that'll make you look like a million bucks without actually having to spend it.

First rule of shopping on a budget: Go to your favorite site's sale section.

I'm pretty sure puff sleeves were created to make any outfit look 10 times more expensive than it actually is.

IMO, the key to an expensive-looking handbag is croc-embossed leather and as little hardware as possible.

I've seen an almost-identical pair for five times the price—just saying.

This flirty satin skirt makes me want to plan a date night stat. It will definitely be making its debut on Valentine's Day.

I'm always amazed at how high-quality and well-priced H&M jeans are. 

Nothing says put-together like a power blazer. 

The faux-leather pants that look like they'd have an extra zero on the price tag. 

Is it just me, or do silky pajamas always make you feel rich? 

Polka dots are having a major moment right now.

I've been waiting on a price reduction on this top for months. If you don't get this while it's on sale, I promise you'll regret it all spring long.

Bottega Veneta made "croissant" bags a thing, but they're not in my budget. Luckily, this one is just as stylish.

This color is so good. And did I mention polka dots are having a moment? Okay, good. 

Trust me—you're going to be seeing this type of collar everywhere soon.

I get the most compliments on this headband, and it's only $9.

Not only are these currently 50% off, but they also have incredible customer reviews. 

Sneakers, boots, heels, sandals—you can literally wear anything with this dress. 

A pair of cat-eye sunglasses is the epitome of chic. 

Just over here reiterating my point about puff sleeves once again.

I'd definitely scoop these up while they're on sale.

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