29 Affordable Amazon Items With the Potential to Become Wardrobe Staples

24 Affordable Amazon Items With Potential to Become Wardrobe Staples


@allypayer; Daily Ritual Mock-Neck Sweater ($29)

Amazon has quite the expansive offering across many categories, including household goods, electronics, and yes, fashion. Naturally, we’re here to chat about the latter. We spent some time scrolling through many of the pages and pages of clothing options sold on Amazon, and pulled out the items that are particularly noteworthy.

While these specific pieces were called out due to their fashion-forward nature, they also were highlighted because they could actually have the potential to become wardrobe staples. That's right. The edit coming your way features those special finds that are highly versatile and could earn that “essentials” status because they could easily mix and match with a smattering of items in your closet to create top-notch outfits.

Intrigued? Wonderful. Keep scrolling to check out the Amazon items that could just become staples in your wardrobe. Oh, in addition, everything coming your way also happens to be under $75 as well.

This blazer could be a go-to in your closet for years and years.

The oversize white shirt is a modern staple.

Can't go wrong with a classic Hanes tee.

Wear this tank on its own or as a flawless layering piece.

The puff sleeves bring a little something extra to this sweater.

Joggers are a must-have in many wardrobes these days.

Wear this dress with everything from heels to sneakers.

Bootcut jeans are one of the key silhouettes of the season.

The rolled up detail brings a casual feel to these jeans.

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