10 Winter Outfit Ideas That Are Easy, Cozy, and On-Trend

There's no doubt that it can be incredibly hard to "look good" when dressing for winter. Underneath all the layers, it feels like an outfit can get lost. Plus, it might even feel like no matter what you do, you're always going to be cold. And since it takes a little extra brainstorming to put together a cold-weather look (especially since daylight starts earlier), we did a little search to find 10 stellar winter 'fits for your inspirational needs. 

You don't need to copy and paste these looks exactly, but we're hoping you'll be able to find something that you think you can re-create with pieces in your own wardrobe. And maybe you'll figure out the missing piece your winter wardrobe needs and buy something for an instant seasonal upgrade. The choice is yours. Just keep scrolling.



What you'll need: Wool Coat + Ribbed Sweater + T-Shirt + Loose Jeans + Retro Sneakers + Sweater Scarf 



What you'll need: Puffer + Cozy Turtleneck + Straight-Leg Pants + Pointy Boots



What you'll need: Fur Coat + Belt + Tall Socks + Leather Loafers



What you'll need: Fur Coat + Cream Turtleneck + Wide-Leg Trousers

What you'll need: Heavy-Duty Leather Jacket + Black Sweater + Color-Pop Skirt + Thick Socks 

What you'll need: Neutral Long Coat + Poplin Shirt + Structured Maxi Skirt + Simple Satchel



What You'll Need: Statement Puffer + Black Jeans + Tights + Ballet Flats

What you'll need: Long-Sleeve White T-Shirt + Wool Coat + Jeans + Chunky Boots

What you'll need: Chunky Cable-Knit Sweater + White Jeans + Winter Slippers



What you'll need: Fleece Jacket + Relaxed Jeans + Combat Boots