Adwoa Aboah Told Us the One Thing She Wears to Feel Powerful


Phill Taylor

Thanks to her historic British Vogue cover, stellar red carpet moments, and inspiring activism, Adwoa Aboah is the model one everyone's lips right now. Naturally, then, we were more than a little excited when she invited our Who What Wear UK team into her home to show off her closet and talk all things fashion

In between poses on her all-leopard couch, Aboah told us what she wears when she wants to feel more confident, zeroing in on one special outfit in her closet: "When I want to feel powerful and I’m nervous about something, I put something on that I know is going to make me feel good. Usually I have one particular suit that I put on when I really need it: It's one I bought, a Balenciaga one. It's a mixture of being very tailored and fitting perfectly, but it's not too out there—it looks like you mean business when you’re wearing that."

If we owned this perfect Balenciaga suit, you can bet we'd bust it out for every important meeting and event too. Scroll down to see how Aboah styled go-to power outfit on the red carpet, and head over to Who What Wear UK to see our full photo shoot and interview