The Best-Reviewed Adhesive Bras for Larger Busts

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Backless tops and dresses are a challenge to style for just about everyone, but that's doubly true for those with larger busts. Above a C cup, are adhesive bras even going to do the trick? Beyond concerns about them staying on for day-to-night weddings or hot summer evenings, nipple coverage, and cup shape, there's also the question of support—as in, they should ideally have some. Obviously, a stick-on option isn't going to offer as much in that area as your everyday underwire style would, but you also don't want to feel like your breasts are liable to pop out of your dress at any minute.

Thanks to the wisdom of the internet, however, there is hope: Literally thousands of reviewers have weighed in on the best adhesive bras out there, from lift-and-tape adhesive strips to the lace-up mega-cleavage styles you've surely seen on Instagram. We combed through the ones that specifically discuss fit, comfort, and results for those who wear a D cup and above—and you'll be pleased to hear there are a few that get top marks from customers.

Read on for the six best-reviewed adhesive bras for larger busts, including tips from real women who've tried them.

3.9/5 stars, 669 customer reviews

There are plenty of glowing reviews from customers with D, DD, and E cups, although they caution not to expect the bra to cover your entire breast. Writes one reviewer, "Part of the natural but held-up look is achieved through a smaller size. It works really well if you hold/push your breast into the height you want it to be and then apply the cups. The top area is great as it creates a (shape rather than a slope as with free-hanging breasts)."

5/5 stars, 2426 customer reviews

Yes, this is that Instagram bra you've seen advertised all over. The company launched DD sizes last year, and most of the reviews so far are positive. Here's one from a customer named Alice R.: "Thought it wasn't going to work and that it would be con. I'm an E cup and I got the DD hoping it would work, and it does. I'm absolutely amazed, best cleavage ever! The amount of cute tops and dresses I can wear now! Worth every penny!"

4.4/5 stars, 1453 customer reviews

Okay, this isn't a bra bra, but if you're looking for nipple coverage that's super sticky and virtually invisible, these guys are the way to go. The adhesive pasties come in three colors for different skin tones and a larger size to accommodate DD+ cups. Writes one reviewer, "These things are the freaking bomb. Well-endowed chested ladies, fear not the backless dress. The cups on these are much larger, so you don't feel like you have tiny stickers on your nips. You're covered, it looks natural, and you can even wear them so you have a little lift. I love them."

3.6/5 stars, 569 customer reviews

For a more affordable option, this is one of the top-reviewed styles on Amazon, and much of the glowing praise comes from women who wear a D cup and up (the bras themselves go up to a DDD). Some customers have found it not quite sticky enough, but others have reported wearing it successfully in the midsummer Florida heat, so you may have to order and judge for yourself.

3.9/5 stars, 26 reviews

This has a more traditional molded cup shape than the other options, but the longer wings in the back mean it's probably better for strapless tops or dresses that will keep them fully covered. Reviewers with smaller rib cages have found their usual cup size too big, however, so take that into account when ordering.

2.8/5 stars, 293 reviews

Multiple reviewers have posted photos of their results, and the difference is definitely noticeable—and, even better, very natural-looking. The sticky strips have some drawbacks, though: They don't cover your nipples, so if you want coverage, you'll have to pair them with pasties, which take some practice to get stuck in the right place.

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