Apparently, This Is Why Your Bra Doesn't Fit


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Bras are a wardrobe staple that women (typically) wear every single day, but they are also the one item we neglect the most. Bring this topic up to the CEO of Journelle, Lyn Lewis, and she will dive right into (and win) an argument on just how bad that notion is. Let’s face it—an ill-fitting bra is something we have all experienced, and it’s reminiscent of a lingering dull pain you can never seem to shake. It doesn’t necessarily prohibit you from living your life, but it does stop you from living it to its fullest (if we are cueing all the dramatics here).

After an extremely informative discussion with Lewis (and a quick chat with Journelle’s customer service), we found out everything you need to know in order to live a life filled with bras that fit like a glove. From the most common bra-fitting mistakes to a step-by-step guide on how to find your perfect cup size, let Lewis and her well-informed team teach you the true way to find the best-fitting bra for you.

Go on to find out the reason your bras never quite fit how you would like them to, in addition to the tips you need to know to avoid gaping, slipping, and more.


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MOST COMMON BRA-FITTING MISTAKES1. Wearing bras past their useful life. 2. Only getting fitted once. 3. Living with loose bands. 

"Bras need to be refreshed!" says Lewis. "Many women are wearing bras past their useful life. It's also important to get fitted every few years or with any major body changes (like pregnancies). Many women come into a Journelle store and are fitted to be a very different size than what they were previously wearing. It's often that their band is too loose, which means their bra isn't sized to be supportive."


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EXPERT TIPS FOR A PERFECT FIT1. Start with the bra on the largest hook. 2. Be "in" the bra. 3. Adjust the straps individually by cup. 

Lewis explains, "Always start your bra on the largest hook. While it's true that your size may fluctuate over the course of weeks or months, we rarely see substantial changes in size occur at the band level. By starting out on the largest hook, you're allowing the bra to have maximum longevity by giving yourself more opportunities to make the band smaller as it stretches out over time. Make sure that you're 'in' the bra. Gently lift each breast so that it is fully settled in the cup. Adjust your straps individually by cup. Adjusting the straps for the size and shape of each breast takes any sizing differences into account so that each cup lies flat and neither gapes nor digs."


"1. First, wrap the tape measure around yourself at armpit level with your bra on. This should be above your breasts, not around them. Squeeze tight—this number should be as small as possible!

"2. For the second measurement, rotate the tape measure down to measure around the fullest part of your breasts. This is usually around nipple level. The tape measure should be straight across your upper back. Hold the tape more loosely this time!

"3. For the third measurement, hold the tape about an inch above the fullest part of your larger breast and run it vertically down against your bra to the underwire.

"These three measurements would give us insight into your best size and also whether you have breasts that are fuller on top, even, or fuller on bottom." 

— Journelle customer service 

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