5 Activewear Trends That Officially Hit Their Expiration Dates

If you've been reading my stories lately, you may have noticed that I'm working on a big closet cleanout right now. My drawers were stuffed with a lot of things that were outdated or things that I had just stopped wearing, and I was long overdue for some tough love. My activewear drawer has been the most difficult for me to clean out. It was impossible for me to reach in and see all of the items that I owned because the drawer was so stuffed. Activewear is seasonless. Those pieces rarely go out of style, so it was really hard to part with some things that I was just not feeling anymore.

My first step was tossing anything that I had bought years ago that was showing signs of age. Pilling leggings and stretched-out tennis skirts were among the lot. From there, a lot of trendy pieces had to go, and I can now happily share that there is plenty of room in my activewear drawer for some new things. This is your sign to join me and sort through the activewear pieces that are simply weighing down your closet. Below, find the five activewear trends for 2022 that officially have hit their expiration dates and what I'll be replacing them with.

Donating: Mismatched Sweats

Buying: Windreakers


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I have a big collection of sweatshirts and sweatpants, and while I love them so much, they've ended up taking up a lot of space in my closet. I made the difficult decision to get rid of the mismatched sweats in favor of matching sets and a very fun trend, the windbreaker. I love when an '80s staple comes back, and it's the perfect lightweight addition to any workout look.

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Donating: Neon

Buying: Elevated Neutrals


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A lot of people are referring to the period between 2016 and 2018 as their "King Kylie era," so I will too. Back then, activewear was all about bright colors and neon. I still had a few reminders of that past in my drawers, and during my closet cleanout, I finally let them go. While I still love colors, the neutral color palette is a real winner right now.

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Donating: Overly Contrasted Colorblocking

Buying: Black and White


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Ah, the Meredith Blake aesthetic. A TikTok trend recently reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from The Parent Trap. The look that Blake wore while hiking with the twins and their dad has inspired a focus on black-and-white activewear. However, overly contrasted color-blocking seems to be taking a back seat for now.

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Donating: Galaxy and Tie-Dye Prints

Buying: Onesies


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It was really hard to let go of my tie-dye leggings that were so cute and fun, but the time has come. I've finally given in and begun adding onesies to my wardrobe. Whether it be a full-blown bodysuit, romper, or dress, I want it.

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Donating: Pilling Leggings

Buying: Long-Lasting Pairs


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There are leggings that I've held on to just in case one day I feel like wearing them. Big mistake. The leggings in my closet that don't see the light of day finally had to go, many of which just weren't high-quality enough to fit my workout routine. I've tried all of the brands that I've listed below and rely on them for quality activewear.

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