It's True—New York Women in 2022 All Own These 6 Things

If you take a look around New York City, you'll notice that despite how diverse the people are, they have one thing in common: They love getting dressed. It's a city of hustlers who shift through late nights and early mornings without breaking a sweat. So if you're looking for inspiration on what to add to your closet, look no further than the people of New York.

I've decided to take a moment to commemorate how much I love New York style by putting together a list of items that every woman in this city probably owns right now. Think of these items as the trends that are here to stay. You'll wear these pieces for years to come.

1. Leather Jackets


(Image credit: @maria_bernad)

While leather is certainly having a moment right now, and it's always been a staple for the women of New York. Like a good pair of blue jeans, a leather jacket is simply required for us. I'm currently ordering all of mine a size up because oversize is the way to go.


2. Wide-Leg Pants


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I truly don't know any New Yorkers who aren't as obsessed with wide-leg pants as I am right now. The amount of outfits that you can create with just one pair feels infinite. If you love Scandinavian style, this one is definitely for you.


3. Oversize Totes


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I love a good micro bag, but they aren't exactly ideal for living in New York. You likely don't have a car with you to store items you might need throughout the day, so the bag you choose is very important. New York women are known for being practical and stylish, so they love a good oversize tote bag.


4. Stylish Sneakers


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As I just mentioned, being stylish and practical is a big part of what New York women think about when they're getting dressed. We are located in the home base of streetwear so, of course, we all have a good pair of sneakers to carry us through long days running around the city.


5. Statement Blouses


(Image credit: @christietyler)

In New York, a good night out is always coming your way when you least expect it. That's why women in this city have a statement top always ready to be broken out at a moment's notice. It's the kind of top that you can pair with any jeans and still make a statement.


6. Punchy Platforms


(Image credit: @_sierramayhew)

Of all the heels in my closet, the most comfortable are platforms. I know for a fact that I can walk for over a mile in them without a blister. Plus, the amount of height that comes along with them is amazing. New York women agree with me that this is quite a functional style. You're bound to see many pairs of these on a night out.


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