5 Accessory Trends That Are Destined for Freakish Fame

Every so often, a grouping of trends shows up that leaves the sartorial world in a bit of a tizzy. Sometimes they are "ugly" trends, sometimes they are "naked" trends, and sometimes they are just downright freaky trends. This spring, we've spotted a handful of 2021 accessory trends that are the latter. Of course, in this instance, we mean freaky in a good way. Our use of the adjective will feel right once you lay eyes on a handful of trends that are sure to evoke nostalgia, a dropped jaw, and lots of smiles. 

Ahead, you will see the five accessory trends that we're confident will continue to gain steam well into spring and summer this year. Featuring a strong continuation of the return of the early 2000s, shoes you used to think were only meant for costumes and dancers, and much more, the assortment below is sure to give you all the feels—brace yourself. 



Believe it or not, but sky-high platform heels are on the rise, and honestly, the more costume-esque the better. In case you're seeing this and thinking I'm out of my mind, read up on some further proof here and here. For so long now, we've been dressing for practicality and comfort only, so why not lean in the opposite direction for a change and slide into some shoes that might break your ankles? 

And now begins our journey into the many trends from the early 2000s that are finally returning. First up: sunglasses. Featuring translucent shades, dated shapes, and crystal adornments, the shades you used to covet because of Paris Hilton could officially be yours. 

Logomania has definitely risen and fallen as frequently as the tide, but the word on the street is that it's back in the form of jewelry. Designers have been placing in-your-face branding and logos on everything from earrings to… (drumroll please) the Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag necklace. 

Platform thongs will be everywhere this summer—I promise. Luckily, the platforms on these bad boys don't have to be as flashy as the ones on the first shoe trend listed, which means this actually might be the new shoe trend you find yourself wearing most next season. 



Don't lie—when you were 13 (and grew up in the early 2000s), you had a little purse you carried around that served no purpose other than to hold your lip gloss. Well, those purses are back and better. The Prada Re-Edition Nylon Bags, Louis Vuitton's Speedys, and more have returned to the scene, and the nostalgia they're giving feels really good.