I'm Hunting for the Perfect Spring Dress—Here Are 28 That Impressed Me the Most

It should be fairly easy, but for some reason, I have always struggled with the search for the perfect spring dress. It always feels like no matter where I look, everything is either too plain, too frilly, or too floral for my liking. Well, this spring I've been paying close attention to what the world has to offer me in terms of the perfect dress, and with my taste and yours in mind, I curated a wide selection of spring dresses that caught my attention. 

The frocks below feature everything from this season's latest trends such as "tacky" florals to those simple midi dresses you'll wear over and over again throughout spring and summer combined. Whether your style is minimal or quite eclectic, I have a feeling you'll find your perfect spring dress from the assortment below just as I did. 

I've been eyeing this dress for months which means it's finally time to pull the trigger. 

This dress is perfect for throwing on when you're in a rush whether you're headed to the beach or on a day filled with errands. 

Reformation's selection made it hard to choose just one spring dress. 

For $13, you might as well get both colors. 

This simple dress has just the right amount of frill. 

Words can't express how much I love this dress. 

If this doesn't make you crave an Italian coastal vacation, I don't know what will. 

Big prints always make the best statements. 

That cutout will grant you compliments galore. 

You can't go wrong with a simple black midi dress. 

The more I see people wear this dress, the more I want it. 

The ruching at the top makes all the difference. 

If you're someone who loves wearing boots no matter what the season, this dress will be your best friend. 

Something about this print just hits different. 

I've never been one for tight dresses, but this one changed my mind. 

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