The Best '90s Trends to Try This Summer

Best '90s trends coming back



To be perfectly honest, I’ve been talking about the ’90s—a lot. But I swear there’s a really good reason. I spent many of my formative years in the decade, and I could go on and on about just how much of an impact the style during those years had one me. But perhaps the reason it’s so impactful now is because I was too young during the ’90s to try out many of the trends and big style moments.

In fact, I think that many of my peers are feeling the same way. We might have been too junior to slip into miniskirts or to add a metal chain belt over our swimsuits, but here’s our second chance. Styles from the ’90s have made a resurgence again now with many trends popping up again in a huge way, so it’s now our chance to claim them as our own. I, for one, am laying claim to pieces likes strappy heels and high-waisted denim shorts and calling them my own. After all, there’s no better time than now. Ahead see the best ’90s trends to wear this summer.

Turtleneck tees


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Metal chain belts for layering


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Satin dresses, everyone


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White sunglasses


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High-cut swimsuits

Why did we abandon spaghetti straps?


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For denim shorts, go high-waisted


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The return of leopard print


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Oval sunglasses


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