5 '90s Denim Trends That Have the Most Staying Power



The '90s have come racing back into the spotlight recently, so much so that we're declaring the entire decade to be more relevant today than it was even then. When we look into what It girls like Noami Campbell and Julia Roberts were wearing 20 years ago, their outfits appear eerily similar to the ones you'd find all over Instagram in 2018, e.g., loads of straight-leg jeans, thin-strap sandals, and some of the coolest double denim looks around. Let's face it: The 1990s' most iconic fashion trends are simply not going anywhere anytime soon.

Sure, there are a good amount of styles we wore back then that we surely wouldn't be caught dead in today, but the trends that have stuck around have proved to be virtually immortal. The most everlasting of them all, though, has to be '90s jean trends. One glimpse at the denim sections of your favorite retailers would prove just how popular shapes like straight-leg jeans are right now—so popular, in fact, they've been giving skinnies a run for their money this year. It's not hard to come across even more of denim trends that have the decade to thank; they're just hiding in plain sight.

From the jean jacket style that dominated then and now to the denim wash that's recently undergone a complete revival, we're highlighting the five '90s jean trends that are only getting more popular these days. Ahead, see how celebs were wearing the styles back then and then shop the modern-day iterations of each one.