30 Fashion Items That Look Like They're Straight Out of a '90s Catalog


Courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Wildflower Cases

It's no secret that fashion trends repeat themselves, fizzling out only to come back reinvented to new audiences years later. Even though it was expected, I scrolled through the pages of some of my favorite stores I couldn't help but feel excitement at the surge of '90s and 2000s trends making their way through the market. I'm not talking Britney Spears and Beyonce era style, but instead, things you'd see go down on a Disney Channel carpet or what you'd most likely find in a Delia*s catalogs.

I'm technically Gen-Z, so I was a child when these catalogs were all the rage, but I still remember flipping through them and wishing I was older and could dress like the models who seemed like the absolute coolest to me at the time. Luckily for me, all those trends are back and I may have a shot at fulfilling my childhood dreams.

While nostalgic pieces have already been bubbling up for some time, we're now seeing an even further dive with butterfly clips, playful sweaters, and platform shoes. And since we can't currently flip through old catalogs to shop, I thought I'd round up 30 items that give off the same vibes, but this time you can click to add to your cart and have it at your doorstep. I had a little too much fun with this one, so there's plenty of options to choose from.

I'm imagining these with a fun pair of socks and ankle-length jeans.

You could tell me this was vintage and I'd believe you.

Pair with an ankle-length floral skirt and you'd look like you walked straight out of '90s rom-com. 

I don't care what anyone says—sweater-vests are a closet staple now.

Almost every iconic '90s character owned a plaid skirt just like this. 

I found some images of old catalogs and it was polos galore, so trust me on this one.

I like how the print is funky but not too loud.

Almost every fashion girl on TikTok is wearing corduroys. 

This is the cool-girl outfit I wanted to wear when I was younger.

I can't promise this will be in stock for long.

This comes in black and baby blue too.

Our senior editor Lauren wore this in one of our meetings and I can say it's just as cute as it is on the site. 

If Delia*s catalogs existed today and they had masks, these are the kind of prints I'd expect.

Printed tights make any look so much more fun.

I've seen plenty of pleated skirts but this leather version has to be the best.

A throwback look wouldn't be complete without overalls.

I 100% owned a pair like this middle school and I'm 100% down to wear them again.