These Swimsuits Will Bring You Back to the ‘90s

By now, you should be familiar with fashion's cyclical nature. Trends of bygone decades have a way of coming back, and right now, it's the '90s that are officially in full swing. (Case in point: Chokers are every fashion girl's go-to necklace, and carpenter-style jeans are also reappearing). It should come as no surprise, then, that the iconic bathing suits of the '90s are also proving to be the most coveted of them all right now. The market is chock-full of all the swimwear trends '90s babies will definitely remember, but to really make sure we were picking styles true to that decade, we took a trip down memory lane, scouring the archives of some go-to fashion magazines ('90s Cosmo, anyone?).

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Key takeaways from the bathing suits we saw from that decade? Cheetah print was a popular motif. Scoop necks were big, too, as were tie bikinis. And last but certainly not least, no '90s swimwear roundup is complete without a red one-piece—you know, the ones that were made so popular by Baywatch. Ahead, see and shop the picks that will definitely spark some nostalgia.

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Eva Thomas