This Is the Perfect Outfit for 50-Degree Weather

At this time of year, it's not unusual for the temperature to be 60 degrees one day and back down to 30 degrees the next. On average, 50-degree days are a common occurrence during the winter, but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what to wear in any given temperature. Enter Gigi Hadid.

This week in New York, where temperatures have coincidentally been hovering around 50 degrees, Hadid wore a cool, yet cozy (without being too cozy) outfit. She paired cropped jeans with sneakers, a turtleneck, and a collared fur coat. The key piece was the coat, which lent polish to the casual look and provided warmth without a lot of extra bulk. Sure, 50 degrees isn't exactly balmy, but it can feel considerably comfortable, especially when the sun is shining—so wearing a thinner layer under your jacket is of utmost importance.

See and shop Gigi Hadid's 50-degree-weather look below.

gigi hadid winter outfit


Jackson Lee/Splash News

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