Capricorns Are the Most Stylish Sign—6 Iconic Looks I Fully Plan on Copying

Growing up with a witchy mother meant I loved astrology as much as I loved fashion from a young age. When I went to the mall to shop glitter-tinged tank tops at Justice and Limited Too, my mother picked out outfits for me with auspicious colors for my star sign. If it sounds like something out of an early 2010s family sitcom, that's because it probably is.

My Capricorn tendencies inspire nearly everything I do, from my hobbies to the clothing I wear. Earth signs—Capricorns, Tauruses, and Virgos—are known to be detail-oriented and love the finer things in life, making well-thought-out splurges on things like home décor, winter coats, and leather bags. As a Capricorn sun, Taurus moon, and Virgo rising, not only am I a menace to society, but I'm also a skilled shopper with exquisite taste. It's all in a day's work!

It's no surprise, then, that Capricorns have some of the best style. From Diane Keaton to Michelle Obama and Kate Moss, those born under the sea-goat sign are known for their chic fashion choices and timeless style. While they may not have the most daring style out of all 12 zodiac signs, they do have the most classic. Think simple silhouettes, effortless button-downs, and high-quality leather goods.

If French-girl style had an astrological sign, it would definitely be ruled by Capricorn. Take these six Cappy style icons as your outward sign to embrace your inner goat. 

Diane Keaton

A Capricorn style list would be nothing without mentioning Keaton. The actor's fashion taste has been celebrated for years as timeless, remaining nearly the same as it has for the last decade. Keaton's menswear-inspired tailoring and classic silhouettes are peak Capricorn, paying attention to details and simplicity.


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Michelle Obama

The former First Lady has always had great style, but since leaving the White House, Obama revealed that she's been having more fun playing with textures and colors now that she's a self-proclaimed empty nester. Her book-tour styling has been impeccable, opting for designs from trend-forward labels like Marine Serre and Versace. Capricorns can have fun too!


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Kate Middleton

Capricorns like to keep it classy, and the Princess of Wales is no different. While the royal is known for her love of mixing high-street designers with affordable, stylish finds (her favorite sneakers are under $100!), her day-to-day style reflects her ability to look sleek at all times. 


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Carolina Herrera

Writing about Capricorn style would be meaningless without mentioning Carolina Herrera, the Venezuelan designer born under the earth sign. Both the designer's personal style and label, currently led by Wes Gordon, are both chic and functional—two cornerstones of Capricorn dressing. 


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Capricorns—as stoic as they may seem—are always logical thinkers and remain true to themselves. Look at none other than '90s legend Aaliyah, whose sporty-chic streetwear style was long indicative of her personal ethos and a testament to her bubbly personality.


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Kate Moss

Just like any other Capricorn, Moss has worked hard for her successful modeling career. While her style isn't toned down by any means, it reflects the high power status she's worked years to obtain.


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