What's Your Sign? 12 Fall Trends to Match You and Your Zodiac Energy This Season

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign


Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen

There's an old adage about how you can't predict the future, but I'm pretty sure whoever came up with the phrase didn't know anything about trend forecasting. Buyers, editors, and the fashion set may not be able to predict which designer handbag is bound to be the next It bag or what style aesthetic will take over TikTok, but we know trends. It doesn't necessarily make us clairvoyant, but knowing what will be prevalent does allow us to crystalize what we want to bring into our closets for the coming season. 

Of course, knowing which trends have made a comeback doesn't make the shopping process more manageable. In fact, at times, I wish there was a crystal ball, tarot card, or horoscope that could magically say, "This is the trend you should be buying for fall, period." And if you clicked into this story, I'm guessing you, too, are wondering what your fashion future holds. I can't claim to be a professional astrologer, but I know that your entire birth chart impacts how you move about the world—including how you get dressed. And I love identifying trends fresh off the runway, which requires its form of psychic talent.

Ahead, I've scoured the runways and the stars to identify the best fall trend to adopt based on your zodiac sign. Scroll to your sign to see what fall has in store for you…

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, virgo astrology sign, nipped blazers


Courtesy of Peter Do; Courtesy of Jil Sander; Courtesy of N21

The onset of fall is the beginning of two things: blazer season and Virgo season. In my book, these two things couldn't be more intertwined. You, dear Virgo, are the most practical of all the astrological signs. Your grounded perspective manifests most clearly in your strategic approach to dressing. Other signs may aspire to the clean-girl aesthetic, but you damn near invented minimalism thanks to your innate ability to curate a closet filled with timeless pieces.

It only makes sense, then, that we'd see you donning the nipped-blazer trend this fall. Spotted in the F/W 22 Proenza Schouler and Jil Sander collections, blazers moved past the oversize fit and were updated with perfectly tapered silhouettes. The result is a trend that feels tailored to Virgos.  

Shop the trend:

Now here's a blazer just as perfect as you.

As an earth sign, your power colors are neutrals like green, brown, and light gray.   

Virgos are all about the details, so you'll want to note the unique button on this blazer. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, Libra sign


Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Ports 1961

In astrology, every planet rules over a specific zodiac sign and various aspects of our lives—Venus just so happens to rule over Libra and all things beauty. Knowing that puts into context how some of our favorite style icons like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and you, dear reader, are Libra signs. That icon status is due to your ability to go with the wind when trying new trends. You can pull off just about anything, but as a Venusian sign, your romantic tendencies make you a sucker for delicate pieces. 

You're a romantic at heart, so it's only natural to assume that channeling the femme-fatale aesthetic this fall is right up your alley. Embodied in the F/W 22 collections of Versace and Ports 1961, this look is about styling hyper-romantic pieces with edgier ones. Think pastel-hued ruffles, satin, and sequins paired with platforms, chokers, and grunge-inspired beauty. In the words of fellow Libra and fashion editor Eliza Huber, the femme-fatale look is about attaining "a balance of pretty and dangerous." 

Shop the trend:

It's giving sweet and spicy. 

Style these with something romantic, and you'll perfectly nail the femme fatale-balance. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, scorpio


Courtesy of Diesel; Courtesy of Dion Lee; Courtesy of Tods

If you scroll through TikTok or Twitter on any given day, you'll notice one thing: Scorpios' "bad" reputation precedes them. But when it comes to this water sign, I know that the whole "secretive" and "threatening" villain persona is attributed to the fact others misinterpret your intensity, depth, and personal boundaries. You, dear Scorpio, have a powerful presence, which is even more intimidating considering your ability to pull off the girl-next-door look one day and dress to the nines the next. As a water sign, you can go with the flow and make any style work for you. However, I'm placing heavy bets that one trend will speak to your "dark" soul this fall: biker chick. 

It was prevalent in the latest collections of everyone from Diesel to Dion Lee, Alexander McQueen to Tods, and it's clear that 2022 is all about the biker look. Think of moto-inspired outwear paired with low-rise trousers or knee-high moto boots styled with micro miniskirts. If anyone can pull this look off this fall, it's you, Scorpio. Go ahead and embrace your "bad-girl" reputation and speed off into the new season in style. 

Shop the trend:

Every Scorpio needs their signature leather jacket. 

Style this skirt with a moto jacket and boots. You'll give biker-chick vibes. 

I mean, it doesn't get more moto inspired than this bag. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, sagittarius


Courtesy Roberto Cavalli; Courtesy of Hardware Ldn; Courtesy of 16Arlington

Unafraid of exploration, Sagittarius signs are never afraid to enter uncharted territories—consider it your superpower, honey. Your fiery nature gives you the tenacity to move to a new city, quit your job, or test-drive a controversial trend. You can't really be nailed down to one aesthetic per se. Instead, you're drawn to eclectic pieces that can make you stand out from the crowd. It only makes sense, then, that you'll choose to trek the world in heavy-duty leather. 

Let me be clear that I'm not just talking about the leather basics that have become staples among the fashion set for the past few seasons. From 16Arlington's '70-inspired runway look to Hardware Ldn's aughts-inspired outfit to Roberto Cavalli's '80s-inspired frock, it's clear that heavy-duty leather runs the gambit. Like Sagittarians, you can't put this trend in a box. There are so many ways to wear it and so many different variations of it, making it the ideal fall trend for our free-spirited fire signs. 

You can never go wrong with a pair of leather trousers. 

I can envision a Sagittarius wearing this on a private plane. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, capricorn, polished pinstripes


Courtesy of Stella McCartney; Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Michael Kors

Capricorns, unlike other signs, are far from capricious—they're reliable, stoic, and pragmatic. As the last earth sign of the zodiac, you embody that grown energy through your grounded approach to your wardrobe. You work hard to excel in your career and show up for your loved ones, so having a collection of effortless staples you can throw on and look polished is of the utmost importance to you. You'll keep tabs on trends but never focus too much on them. You're all about investing in a few trends you feel will last in the long haul. 

If my calculations are correct, that will most likely lead you, dear Capricorn, to consider investing in polished pinstripes this fall. It takes a trained eye to spot this trend on the runway—it was subtle compared to other print trends in the collections. But its simplicity paired with a few trendier elements (e.g., a full-length maxi pinstripe coat at Stella McCartney or a pinstripe skirt suit at Versace) is the ideal trend for our classic Capricorns. 

These will become a part of your forever wardrobe. 

Everything about this blazer—from the chocolate brown to the fitted silhouette to the matching miniskirt—is perfection. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, Aquarius, cobalt blue color trend


Courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen; Courtesy of LaQuan Smith; Courtesy of Christian Siriano

Some people follow trends; others nonchalantly set them. For you, dear Aquarius, it's the latter. As the innovator of the zodiac, you approach every part of your life in an unorthodox way, including how you dress. Fashion is a way to channel your creativity, and you aren't afraid to play. Dressing up? Dressing down? It's no big deal for you. You're always able to attain that cool-girl look that turns heads no matter what you choose to wear. And while we can always expect the unexpected when it comes to your ensembles, I'm guessing you'll be all about cobalt blue this fall. 

Considering that blue is your signature hue, it's a given you'd gravitate toward this trend, but the unique variations are what will sell you on it. From ultra-romantic chiffon frocks at Cecilie Bahnsen to sultry sets at LaQuan Smith to impeccably tailored outerwear at Christian Siriano, the creativity came through when it came to this color's presence on the fall/winter 2022 runways, solidifying it as the coolest trend to come off the runway (and likely into the closets of Aquarians everywhere) in a hot minute. 

Shop the trend:

A sweater that is as unique as you.

You'll carry this bag all fall. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, pisces, relaxed denim


Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Ami

As the final water sign of the zodiac, you, dear Pisces, embody that "go with the flow" energy perfectly. You value freedom—to dream, learn, and not wear constricting hemlines. For you, fashion isn't about falling in line with the biggest trends. It's about how it makes you feel. It's a priority for you to invest in pieces that bring you joy and feel great on the body. (Think soft fabrics and loose silhouettes.) It's only fitting that we'd find you donning relaxed denim this fall. 

The movement toward relaxed denim has happened over time thanks to the rise of loose styles like relaxed trousers, puddle pants, and low-rise hemlines. But the F/W 22 collections of Versace, Ami, and Bottega Veneta took the trend to a deeper level by focusing on low-slung waists, light washes, and baggy fits. The result is a denim trend that's as chill as you, Pisces. 

Shop the trend:

These jeans feel very Balenciaga inspired. 

Nothing like a low-rise hemline to speak to Pisces's nostalgic tendencies. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, aries astrological sign


Courtesy of Christian Siriano; Courtesy of Bibhu Mohapatra; Courtesy of Blumarine

Ah, our fiery Aries—what would we do without you? With style icons like Rihanna and Lady Gaga in your midst, it's clear that you are the trendsetter of the zodiac. You often charge ahead of the crowd and are the first person to be donning something new—whether that's a rising brand or the latest trend. You are fearless, especially in the fashion department. So when it comes to fall trends, I know you've probably already adopted a few. But if you haven't, I recommend test-driving latex this fall. 

Unlike leather, this shiny patent fabric is ideal for you, Aries. (I know you live for a sparkly moment.) While latex doesn't seem like the easiest fall trend to embrace, the luxe iterations spotted in the collections of Christian Siriano, Bibhu Mohapatra, and Blumarine make it more wearable. Though, considering your courageous nature, wearability isn't a concern. You can make anything work. 

Shop the trend:

White is one of Aries's signature hues, so this top is meant for you. 

Pair these with a slip dress and moto jacket.

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, taurus, maxi moment


Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Courtesy of Piferi x Ludovic de Saint Sernin; Courtesy of Bevza

When it comes to embodying luxury, none can do it quite like a Taurus can. Ruled by Venus, this sign delights in all earthly pleasures, including great clothes. You, dear Taurus, aren't focused on trends. You're trying to surpass the realm of time to become timeless. That aspiration is embodied in your continued dedication to investing in luxe staples. From the label to the fabric, everything has to be on point for you to purchase something. While other signs may not understand why you're so picky, your talent at curating can transform the most basic piece into something out of this universe. 

If Taurus signs were going to buy into any fall trend, it would be maxi hemlines. While maxis may not seem exciting, the fresh takes on the hemline on the fall/winter 2022 runways proved this minimal silhouette can make a big impact. Look at the divine Piferi x Ludovic de Saint Sernin chocolate-brown low-slung maxi skirt or the cozy full-length gray coat at Bevza as proof. These looks remind me that true luxury is grounded in the details—something that Tauruses knew all along. 

Shop the trend:

Now here's a turtleneck dress as timeless as you.

This maxi skirt comes in beige and black too! 

Maxi trench coats are made for you. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, gemini, alt-corsetry


Courtesy Roberto Cavalli; Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Balmain

Let's set the record straight: Geminis get a bad reputation, but that's just because this air sign is a pro at reading the room and matching the energy. You, dear Gemini, know how to show up, especially when deciding what to wear. While your gregarious nature may make you the party's lifeline, your ability to adopt any trend ensures your wardrobe is the talk of the party. You may know how to pull up to a function looking fabulous, but you're also not afraid to camp out in a pair of sweatpants—that's that signature Gemini duality.

When it comes to trends, it's all about finding pieces that strike a balance between being a staple and a statement piece, which makes alt-corsetry the ideal fall trend for you. Corsets have blown up on and off the runway for a few seasons, but the latest collections took the trend into new territory with a focus on nontraditional corsets. From sport-inspired corsets at Balmain to corset tops adorned with crystal chains at Versace to leather bodice inserts in gowns at Roberto Cavalli, newer takes on the trend focused on reworking the piece to create something as unique as Geminis themselves. 

Shop the trend:

Alt-corsetry can also be pieces that come in surprising everyday fabrics or silhouettes—like this tank. 

I didn't know I needed a denim corset until now. 

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, cancer alien superstar


Courtesy of Jonathan Simkhai; Courtesy of Givenchy; Courtesy of Altuzarra

You, dear Cancer, are the only sign ruled by the moon. This means that you're highly intuitive to everything around you, including what's happening on the runway. While you may be more concerned with caring for your loved ones or parenting your inner child, that doesn't keep you from caring about your closet. Your shell (aka how you dress) is essential to you, as you can find freedom of emotional expression through your ensembles. You love to follow fashion, but you're not one to get swept up in every tide and prefer timeless pieces

But as we step into fall, it can be a great time to step outside your shell and embrace something new. Enter the "Alien Superstar" aesthetic. Metallics, specifically sequins, shone brightly in fall/winter 2022 collections (see Jonathan Simkhai, Givenchy, and Altuzarra). While I'm a firm believer that every sign can benefit from bumping Beyoncé and embracing sparkly things, this is the perfect trend for Cancers. Since you don't always allow yourself to be the center of attention, giving yourself space to shine as brightly as the moon is the move this fall. 

Shop the trend:
Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign, leo robe coat


Courtesy of Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Amiri

Don't worry, Leo. I didn't forget about you. Your boisterous personality makes you beloved by many, and your bold personal style cements you as an icon in your own right. More than any other sign, you're unafraid to take it there regarding trends. It's what makes you, well, you. Your innate confidence allows you to pull off just about anything, but I'm guessing we'll see you in one jaw-dropping trend this fall—robe coats. 

Of course, it's worth noting that this style always manages to make a comeback once temperatures drop, but designers outdid themselves this season. Unlike former minimal iterations of this coat, we saw the embrace of exuberance. From Bottega Veneta's butter-yellow fur coat to Versace's crimson puffer coat, these styles embody main-character energy. These bold coats are the ideal pieces for Leos to prance around their kingdom stylishly in.

Shop the trend:

If you tend to be dramatic, this coat is made for you.