Gigi Hadid and Kate Middleton Just Brought Back These 1950s Fashion Trends


Getty Images

At the same time that the naked dress and the crop top are holding their own as major trends right now, celebs are also showing some love for older styles—specifically 1950s fashion trends. That’s right; pieces that were popular over 60 years ago are still just as relevant today, and we have the proof.

There’s everything from Gigi Hadid draping a sweater over her shoulders to Sofia Richie in cat-eye sunglasses to Kendall Jenner in a high-waisted bikini—so we have solid evidence that these vintage fashion trends just won’t quit. But there is a good reason these trends have been around so long: They’re true classics, and we don’t think they will ever go out of style. Want to see the other ways celebrities are interpreting 1950s fashion trends today?

Keep reading to see five celebrity 1950s fashion–inspired outfits and shop pieces to get their looks.