8 Secrets To Dressing Like A French Girl

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    Now, after combing through photo after photo of effortlessly chic ensembles, we think we’ve finally cracked the code. Read on to get the secrets of French style, from your chapeau down to your chaussures.

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    PHOTO: Cuillère à Absinthe

    Secret 1: Vive Le Smoking!

    The seductive staple, invented in the ‘60s by Yves Saint Laurent, still holds as much sway today.

    Photo courtesy of Miss Pandora

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    Theory Kevina Blazer ($445)

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    PHOTO: Chic Muse

    Secret 2: Less Is More

    Sometimes it’s the stripped down, uncomplicated outfits that make the most impact.

    Photo courtesy of Chic Muse

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    J.Crew Merino Turtleneck Sweater ($85) in Black; Amen Circle Skirt ($263)

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    PHOTO: Mango And Salt

    Secret 3: Flats Are Your Friend

    Flats are the footwear of choice for a gamine French girl. Plus, they’re way more practical for maneuvering on cobblestone streets.

    Photo courtesy of Mango And Salt

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    Bass Wayfarer Loafers ($99)

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    PHOTO: The Blab

    Secret 4: Keep Accessories Minimal

    Take a subtler approach to adornment with minimalistic gold accents, like a delicate bar necklace.

    Photo courtesy of The Blab

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    Daniela Boari Bastoncino Silver Chain Necklace ($95)

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    PHOTO: Cuillère à Absinthe

    Secret 5: Stick With Your Moto Jacket

    Whenever you’re pondering your outerwear choice, put on a motorcycle jacket and don’t look back. Trust us (or rather, the French girls): there’s nothing cooler.

    ​Image courtesy of Cuillère à Absinthe

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    Mango Leather Biker Jacket ($290)

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    PHOTO: Le Blog de Betty

    Secret 6: Leave It Undone

    Whether it’s your shirt half-tucked with a few buttons undone or your boots folded over and left a bit unlaced, looking purposefully unpolished is a French art form.

    Photo courtesy of Le Blog de Betty

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    Deena & Ozzy Fold-Over Combat Boots ($50)

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    Secret 7: Show Skin In Unexpected Ways

    Showing décolletage and too much leg? Le boring. French girls much prefer less expected ways of baring skin, like showing off the shoulders or a bare back.

    Photo courtesy of Be Frassy

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    Donna Karan One-Shoulder Georgette Jumpsuit ($869)

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    PHOTO: Absolutely Glamorous

    Secret 8: Add One Alluring Piece

    A body-skimming leather skirt feels even more intriguing when contrasted with a chunky knit sweater and sneakers.

    Photo courtesy of Absolutely Glamorous

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    PHOTO: Miss Pandora

    Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora

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    PHOTO: Chic Muse

    Deni Elias of Chic Muse

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    PHOTO: Mango And Salt

    Victoria of Mango And Salt

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    PHOTO: Cuillère à Absinthe

    Typhaine Augusto of Cuillère à Absinthe

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    PHOTO: Le Blog de Betty

    Betty Autier of Le Blog de Betty

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    PHOTO: Jeanne Damas

    Jeanne Damas of Jeanne Damas

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    PHOTO: Et Pourquois Pas Coline
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    PHOTO: The Cherry Blossom Girl
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    PHOTO: The Working Girl

    Clara of The Working Girl

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    PHOTO: Be Frassy

    Audrey Rogers of Be Frassy

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Kevina Blazer

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Fold-Over Combat Boots

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